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Summer Makeup – Lighten Up!

By Kim Putens

Summer Makeup – Lighten Up!

It has been an unusually hot summer.  I have been struggling with every aspect of my grooming.  Every product I put in my hair either feels sticky or does not perform at all.  With such thin hair, I rely upon my products to perform.  But, in this heat and humidity, it is almost impossible.  My solution:  a ponytail almost every day.   Most daunting for me, however, has been my makeup.  I need to wear makeup.  I have dark circles under my eyes – thanks to heredity – and my skin can be sallow when I get a bit of color.  The problem:  the extreme heat and high humidity make my makeup feel like it is slipping off my face.

I wonder if others are struggling with this same problem.  So, I thought I would offer some tips and solutions I have found that help to keep my makeup in place and looking good.

Tip #1 – Lighten Up.  All of us, despite our best attempts to cover up, will get a little bit of sun this summer.   This presents an opportunity and a challenge.  The opportunity – to lessen the number of layers of makeup you would normally wear.  The challenge – the colors we wear when we are paler will change when we get a hint of color.   My suggestions:

  • Put away the foundation.  Either switch to a tinted moisturizer or wear nothing at all.  I would lean toward nothing.  Even a tinted moisturizer will feel heavy in extremely humid climates.
  • Substitute foundation or tinted moisturizer with a powder or bronzer.  If you use powder, however, only dust on your skin lightly with a brush.  Please resist the need to blot with a sponge.  If you use a puff or sponge, you could make the powder look like pancake batter.   Bronzer is a better choice because you get the benefit of a powder with a bit of color.

Tip #2 – Brighten Up.   Sun-kissed skin can sometimes be sallow and, because of the browning of the skin, look monotone.  The best way to offset these tendencies is to add pops of color like pinks and corals.  Be careful not to add too much and look clown-like.  Some more suggestions for adding color:

  • Use powders, not creams.  While cream cheek color can be more vibrant, it can slip in humidity.  If you choose a cream, be sure to set with a powder to avoid slipping.
  • Try gel-tints.   Gel tints stay in place better and penetrate the skin so the color “sticks around.”  They also are very natural looking.   They also serve multiple uses because they can be applied to cheeks and lips.

Tip # 3 – Consider Multi-Uses.  I can hardly stand the feel of heavy eye shadow on my eyes in the summer time.  I simply take my powder blush and brush it over my eyes.   It is quick, easy and gives you a hint of fresh color.

Finally, instead of thinking of summer as a challenging time for makeup, consider it an opportunity to lighten your routine and cut out a significant amount of time.  You can keep your look clean and fresh by not using too many products and get out the door quicker.  My suggested routine for summer:

Step 1 – Apply tinted moisturizer, light bronzer (or nothing) all over the face. (1 minute)

Step 2 – Apply concealer (be sure it is the right color – too light will make you look like you have raccoon eyes) under the eyes.  NOTE:  You can also use the concealer to spot conceal other imperfections.  But, make sure the color is right.)  (1 minute)

Step 3 – Apply color to cheeks and eyes.   (2 minutes)

Step 4 – Line upper eyelids with eye pencil (1 minute)

Step 5 – Apply mascara to upper lashes (if you do the lower lashes, you run the risk of it melting and running).  (1 minute)

Step 6 – Apply lip-gloss.  (1 minute)

Done in seven minutes!

Written by Kim Putens, owner of Bloomers, an underwear, sleepwear and loungewear boutique located in Old Town Alexandria.  Bloomers is also on the web at  Become a fan of Bloomers on Facebook.

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