Day: June 26, 2018

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Are You Ready to Shine?

Are You Ready to Shine? When I was younger I had dreams of being in the spotlight.  At first I thought I’d be a famous ballerina, then a famous jockey, then the President of the United States.  I wasn’t sure how it would happen, but I always wanted to be seen.  I dreamed of being cast on my favorite sitcoms and variety shows, and before I was old enough to try out for the community theater I was staging productions in my basement.  As the producer, director, set designer, lighting and sound technician, it’s hard to believe I also found time to star in the show! Many years later and I’m still striving for that light.  I’m a bit more pragmatic and use my strengths and outsource my challenges, but the fact remains, my Apollo stars, sitting smack dab below my ring fingers urge me to embrace the spotlight. The challenge is the constant fear that whatever I’m doing to be seen is going to be my downfall! “Will they think I’m just a diva?” “Are people going to grumble and toss out the paper because they think I’m simply out for myself?” That’s just a smattering of the self-talk that can keep me from moving forward. We have this love-hate thing with celebrities.  Celebrities are the most obvious incarnation of those with strong Apollonian energy, but certainly that energy isn’t dormant in those of us who are not in the pages of People magazine. We love celebrities because we love to imagine their lives jetting off to the Italian coast whenever you need a break; wearing the most fascinating clothes, and my personal favorite – eating at some of the most innovative restaurants in the world!  We hate celebrities because we think they’re full of themselves or unaware of…

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Music Festivals July 2018

June 27 – July 1 & July 4 – 8 Smithsonian Folklife Festival National Mall between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets Washington, DC June 29-30 River and Roots Festival Watermelon Park Venue 3322 Lockes Mill Road Berryville, VA 22611 July 13-15 Red Wing VI Roots Music Festival 94 Natural Chimneys Lane Mt. Solon, VA 22843 July 13-15 Pasture Palooza Music & Arts Festival 339 Minniewood Lane Berryville, VA 22611 July 19-22 The Peach Music Fest Montage Mountain Ski Resort Scranton, PA July 25 -29 Floydfest 894 Rock Castle Gorge Road Floyd, VA 24091 July 26-29 Doah Fest The Farm 1920 South Page Valley Road Luray, Va.