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Mick Jagger- Gotta Get A Grip + Remixes

By Ron Powers

Mick Jagger – Gotta Get A Grip + Remixes

Mick Jagger, the legendary front man of The Rolling Stones, is an artist who needs no introduction. Though his sex appeal and charismatic attitude have helped shape the image of rock and roll and super-stardom as we know it, today, Mick Jagger is still going strong, making music that transcends genre definitions and ideas. His newest single “Gotta Get A Grip” is a solo effort performed without “The Rolling Stones”. It features rock and blues influences, which echo the sound and feel of Jagger’s “Stones” however, as a solo artist he introduces a strong electronic production element, which adds a modern and unique feel to these tracks, making it very dance-floor friendly.

Many songs have a verse-chorus-verse sort of approach to the lyrics. However, this track has a vocal arrangement that feels particularly free-form, almost as if Mick Jagger was throwing out lyrics in a stream-of-consciousness fashion, like the eminent beat poets (Think Jack Kerouac or Allen Ginsberg).

But we must say, Jagger still holds his own, even when he is slightly out of his comfort zone. Positioning for a new era and new generation of music lovers, the song has been re-worked by a few current remix artists big (Seeb and Alok) and small (Kevin Parker and Matt Clifford).

There are 4 unique takes on “Gotta Get A Grip”, starting with a melody-vocal-driven remix by Seeb.

The remix by Kevin Parker has a different feel to it, and it definitely has a raw, energetic edge that highlights Jagger’s unique performance, and puts the guitar under the spotlight, with an arrangement that echoes 70s rock icons such as Led Zeppelin.

Alok is the third artist to remix the song, and my favorite of all the mixes going for a really unique feel that captures more of the essence of
“The Rolling Stones” as we know them. It is textural and haunting, with tons of atmospheric segmentations, and in the end, it is probably the “heaviest” or “hardest” rock of the set. Going by the Play count on Spotify, this seems to be the favorite of most people, getting almost twice as many plays as Mick’s own original track.

Last, but not least, Matt Clifford is perhaps the artist who really took greater chances, completely re-inventing the tone of the song, with eastern folk instruments that echo the Middle East and India, especially cool sitar sounds and unique melodic phrasings.

“Gotta Get A Grip” is certainly a very edgy song, that still retains Jagger’s seemly endless charisma. The British singer belongs to that rare category of artists and performers who seemingly seem to never lose their appeal and vitality. Mick Jagger still sounds like a performer at his prime, and his voice is more animated than that of singers half his age or younger. It’s absolutely remarkable to see that someone who has accomplished so much throughout the span of a really great music career can still keep at it with undying enthusiasm, passion and commitment. At this point in his career, it is clear that Jagger does not need to prove anything, and he knows it. This is why he does what he wants, and creates music with a uniquely in-your-face vibe, that still stands the test of time!

You can hear his music on Spotify, Google, Tidal and any of the major stores. Visit his website at

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