Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes February 2018

A friend of mine, George Brown, recently posted on his face book page, “Have you ever noticed that all the tv channels have commercials at the exact same time??? You cannot escape them. Just noticed this???” I responded to George that I have noticed this for some time and to the point that some sporting events even arrange their commercials at that same time. This is to prevent channel surfing. This has gotten to the point where our other “communication” devices have pop-up ads when you are reading an article, and even worse, the entire screen will sometimes go blank and you will lose the entire article.

George’s wife, Lori Welch Brown, has been writing a column for us for over 17 years and in all those years not once has a commercial interrupted your reading or has the page gone blank half way through your reading never to be found again.

That my friend is the beauty of print media…move at your own pace. Put it down to answer a phone call or a pesky text and then return to where you left off and the article will be waiting for YOU! Also, you can decide which advertisements you wish to view. Ah, the choices! Thanks to all of you for reading us these past 30 years and making that choice on your own!

For other uninterrupted articles you might want to check out the Personality Profile of Chou Chou, the Laurel to Doc Scantlin’s Hardy. She is quite the lady! Our featured chef this month is Juan Amador from La Trattoria Old Town while bar tender Farah Ofogh shows you how to make your drink have that smoky flavor behind the bar at City Kitchen.

Our Road Trip this month takes you to the historic Greenfield Inn Bed & Breakfast at Washington, Virginia among the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge. Jeff McCord keeps us updated on the recovery of St. John and the other Islands in Caribbean Connection.

Thanks to everyone who attended our 30th 1980’s themed, anniversary party. It gave all of us an opportunity to go back in time and me to channel my inner Sonny Crockett once more, probably for the last time.

Don’t forget to about the largest President’s Parade in the country right here in Old Town on the 19th and remember your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day!

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