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Bling It On!

By Kimberly Putens

Bling It On!

The look for the holidays is all about “bling”. It’s bling for the hair, on our nails and on our face. Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer is the mantra for the holiday season. But remember its shimmer, not glitter. There is a big difference. Shimmer is dewy and glowing. Glitter is reminiscent of our children’s art box. Avoid the glitter and embrace the shimmer. Shimmer products are best used to accentuate one’s luminous glow. It’s best applied on the cheeks, the lips and down the bridge of the nose. It also looks great along the brow line to give the eye an instant lift. And who doesn’t want a little lift? It’s certainly cheaper and easier than going under the knife.

Warm hues of copper and champagne are top notch this holiday season. Think sun kissed, bronzed and glowing, like George Hamilton. Try copper shades on the eyes accented with bronzer on the cheeks and face. Finish the look off with warm champagne hues for the lips. To fully capture this look, the lips should be 24 kt, a la J. Lo.

In keeping with the trend for the fall, smoky eyes are still fashionable for the holidays. While not appropriate for the office, the smoky eye is a great evening accessory to the little black dress. Consider shades of amethyst and navy, instead of black, to add some sparkle. Simply take a dark liner and line the eyes along the top and bottom rim. Use a similar shade of eye shadow color and color over the eyeliner and smudge. Some brands have smudge pots that make creating the smoky eye a breeze.

A great alternative to the smoky eye is the sultry red lip. Red lips look especially festive during the holiday season. If you intend to wear red, make sure your red lips match your attire. The worst is when the reds don’t match. A rosy, pinky red lip and a candy apple red blouse will make everyone see red. And, when choosing red lips, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup subtle. The red lips are supposed to be the focal point and too much makeup on the face will run the risk of looking like a clown. At the same time, don’t look geisha-like either. It’s okay to wear a little color on the rest of the face.

For another great look during the holidays, consider the “rosy glow.” This monochromatic look using a rosy palette is fresh and youthful for all ages. If the thought of rosy doesn’t make you glow, consider shades of coral to achieve the same look. To get this look, simply take your rosy or coral cheek color and sweep it on the cheeks, up the temples and along the eyelids. Use similar colors with a little shimmer to highlight along the brow bone and the cheeks. Finish it off with a rosy or coral shade of lip-gloss.

The hair is no exception to glimmer this holiday season. Spray on glimmer hair sprays give the hair a little extra sparkle. Hues of champagne and copper are popular with blondes, brunettes and redheads. And, let’s not forget our finger and toes. Popular new nail shades for the season are red, ivory and copper.

No matter which makeup trend you choose, keep the skin glowing and looking healthy. During the busy holiday season, it’s easy to let our skin go. But, remember, healthy skin means glowing skin. If your skin seems dull and lifeless, consider a mask to brighten the skin. If you are feeling pale, try a little self-tanner on the face, neck and décolleté.

During these cold, dry winter months, it’s also important to keep the skin moisturized. Makeup always looks best on healthy, hydrated skin

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