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Turn Your Phone into a Personal Assistant!

Turn Your Phone into a Personal Assistant!

By Ashley Schultz

And you thought your over-priced piece of high tech equipment was just for Snap Chat, Facebook, Twitter, and the myriad of other “social” apps available out there. Check these out:


Mondly VR: This app will cost you $5 yet it is perfect for any business person and avid traveler! Mondly VR is a virtual reality app that allows you to fully immerse yourself in situations in which you can practice and learn a language. The app offers a number of preprogrammed situations for you to explore and practice a number of different languages.


Yummly: Can’t figure out what to make for dinner? You can browse over one million different recipes to find exactly the meal you’re craving. You can even set dietary preference, so the recipes you see fit into your lifestyle or restrictions. Once you find a recipe, you can add all the ingredients to a shopping list.


Venmo: Out to dinner with friends and forget your wallet? With Venmo it is easy to pay your friends back. Venmo allows users to send money for free. The transactions can be sent to any bank and occur overnight.


SwiftKey Keyboard: Hate autocorrect? You will never again with SwiftKey! It is packed with options, it learns your style and offers sensible suggestions and corrections that will speed up your typing.


Signal: This app is for chat encryption and security. It has military grade encryption for all your messaging and voice calls. It supports sending texts, voice calls, group messages, and media attachments.


Tab: Everyone dreads the moment when it is finally time to split up the check. Tab makes it easy. The app allows you snap a photo of your receipt, designate items for individuals in your group, and split up the prices, tax, and tip. Your friends in the service industry will love your for this!


Zombies, Run! : This app turns your workout into an exhilarating fight for survival with an app designed to simulate a zombie attack. You can build your base by collecting supplies and avoiding the horde, all by running around your town!

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