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Pets of the Month


Are you ready to run, run, RUN? Then we’ve got the gal for you with our gorgeous Jipsee girl! This goofy girl is constantly showing off her tongue because she is always in motion, and that can be tiring on a lady, but it doesn’t slow Jipsee down. If you’re seeking an energetic exercise companion, dash down today to meet your new puppy pal!

Cello & Calypso

This combo is a bonded pair with a carefree attitude and willing to snuggle with their human once they get beyond their initial shyness. Cello with his luscious black coat is perfect match with his bonded mate Calypso with her Calico fur. This boy and girl go together, so some lucky person will get double the love and affection, not to mention the joy of watching their relationship and being a part of it. Both senior adults, they will love living in a home where they receive attention and a comfy lap, have room to play and a quiet place where they enjoy a sunbeam and watch the world go by. They’re a perfect match for someone with a busy schedule who looks forward at the end of each day to being greeting by two loving cats who will treasure your company and care.


Winfred is a beautiful snake looking for a family to love her and treat her to all of the finer things in life. Winfred first came to the AWLA abandoned in our parking lot in a Wegmans shopping bag. We quickly learned that outside of her aquarium, this beautiful Ball Python was friendly and affectionate with everyone she encountered. Our volunteers describe her as their favorite little snuggle muffin and she has stolen many hearts during her stay. This curious girl loves to snuggle in jackets and have her head stroked gently. Her friends tease that her favorite hobby may be smelling everyone’s head and tickling them when she wiggles. If you are looking for an exotic beauty to befriend, Winfred is the lady for you!

Please call 703-746-4774 or email for more information and come visit me at the shelter today!

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