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Heading into the Holidays!

Heading into the Holidays!

By Lani Gering

Well……I re-read my November columns from the last few years and it seems that there is a common theme. Every year I try to do my best to avoid starting up with the Holiday Hype – with the exception of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving – but this year there really isn’t any way to avoid it. The weekly free workout and yoga sessions are done for the season, just like the Friday Night Fun and the Saturday concerts and the weekly movies on the plaza season ended. The only things of any consequence that are happening here in the Harbor this month (other than the fact that it is just a cool place to live and visit in general) are centered around the Christmas season.

The Harbor Tree Lighting takes place on the 12th and the Gaylord Resort kicks off ICE 2017 and Christmas on the Potomac on the 18th! We will have barely done our duty as good Americans and voted – Election Day is the 7th – and honored our Veterans – Veterans Day is the 11th – and aren’t even close to turkey and dressing time – Thanksgiving isn’t until the 23rd – before we are lighting trees and sitting on Santa’s lap. I do have to give some kudos to my friends in Old Town Alexandria, they aren’t lighting the big tree at City Hall until the 24th! As a matter of fact, as I write this column, Halloween is still 5 days away! Guess you are getting the picture – I’m not really ready to jump into the deep end of the holiday pool yet. I’m sure I will go through an attitude change after I take my annual ride down the ICE! Slide at the media day opening on the 17th.

I do want to give a big Thanksgiving shout out to Stonewall Kitchen here in the Harbor. Those of you who have been following this section of the Old Town Crier know that I am a huge fan of this store. I was ordering out of their catalog for years before I moved to the east coast and was so happy when I was able to just walk into this beautiful store. They have such a fabulous collection of Thanksgiving edibles along with their impressive dishware and linens. Make this a go to place for those things that will make your holiday dinners extra special.

I understand that there is a lot of competition for retail $$$ during the holidays and it makes some sense to stagger the tree lightings, etc. in order to give people the opportunity to attend both events and the opportunity to spend some of those coveted $$$ not just once, but twice. It is definitely a great marketing ploy.

Remember, we have the MGM Grand added to the mix this holiday season. They celebrate their first anniversary on December 8th and they also have some great entertainment lined up during the holidays. Bruno Mars is even coming back! I am so looking forward to seeing what holiday theme the Conservatory will take on this year. As a matter of fact, check out the fall décor that is gracing the space now – it is impressive.

All of the above being said, see the next page for the November holiday happenings. Keep in mind that many of the events are ongoing through New Year’s Day. We will publish a calendar of the events in the upcoming December issue for your quick reference.

In the meantime, don’t forget to go vote on the 7th, Salute our Veterans on the 11th and have a very Happy Thanksgiving on the 23rd!

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