Day: May 29, 2017

Social Media Message

Animal Organizations and Social Media

Animal Organizations and Social Media By Ashley Schultz Since it is “Adopt a Cat” month, I decided to focus this month’s message on how “Social Media” has helped animal organizations with donations, adoptions, volunteer help, and awareness. In the past, in order to find the perfect pets for your family, you would frequent the “Pet of the Week” section of the newspaper, ask friends to keep an eye and ear out, and physically stop by the vet, animal shelter, or pet store to inquire. Nowadays, someone interested in adopting or helping in any way can simply go online and search Petfinder or log into Facebook or Twitter and check the latest posts by different animal organizations. The rise of social media has enabled animal shelters and organizations to broaden their influence in the community and reach audiences that may have otherwise looked the other way. Since animal shelters are non-profit organizations, they rely heavily on fundraising and donations to help keep them afloat and to keep the animals healthy and safe. Animal organizations are constantly accepting donations for food, supplies, vet bill assistance, and are not afraid to ask for help on social media. Animal organizations also use social media to educate the public and raise awareness. A common piece of advice floating around is to remember to spay or neuter your pet. Other posts I have seen discuss summer exercise safety for your pet, deaf pet awareness, vaccinations, puppy housetraining, and animal cruelty. These are just some of the ways animal shelters utilize social media. Others include sharing heartfelt rescue stories and updates on their progress and reuniting pets with their owners. Social media has also helped with the relocation of lost pets, one post of a picture of your pet, often will get shared over and over increasing…

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Beauty & Health, Fitness

Get Fit For Summer

By Nicole Flanigan Get Fit For Summer Whether you are an exercise pro or a beginner to the gym chances are you have a few questions about your workout.  With summer just around the corner everyone is stepping up the workout to get ultimate results.  Here are a few tips to keep that workout moving in the right direction. DO: Work out every day: You don’t need to be at the gym seven days in a row, but try for at least five days. To get a good habit started you must be consistent. Doing something every day even if it is just a little is all you need to keep up the motivation.  For the best results, don’t overwhelm yourself.  You should aim for 30 minutes of cardio every day and strength training twice a week for the first month or two.  Once this workout has become a part of your regular routine you are ready to increase your intensity. Set new goals: It’s easy for gym regulars to hit a slump and stop seeing the benefits or having the fun that kept them motivated in the past. Before you start dodging gym dates, find a new challenge: Sign up for a 5K, or plan an active vacation like hiking or kayaking. Keeping your workouts interesting and goal oriented will make it more fun and also give you something to work toward. Breathe better: To improve your performance, focus on your breathing. Next time you are jogging on the treadmill or out on the path try inhaling to a count of three and exhaling to a count of three. Steady your breathing with your pace and you will feel more energized during your workout. Something new: Many advanced exercisers can get stuck in a workout rut.  Some exercisers will…

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