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Incredible Facebook Stories

Incredible Facebook Stories


By Ashley Schultz


We hear all the time about all these incredible stories that have happened because of social media. This month, we are going to highlight a couple that made headlines!


Caught at the Beach: Natalie Blanchard, a woman from Quebec requested long- term sick leave due to a diagnosis of severe depression. This allowed her to be off work but still receive sick-leave benefits every month by her employer. However, Facebook pictures appeared of Natalie frolicking on the beach, at a Chippendale’s show and her birthday party, clearly not looking depressed. Her employer caught wind of these pictures assumed she was no longer depressed, and canceled her benefits. Who is depressed now? Back to the Chippendale’s show!


Famous in the Czech Republic: A Missouri family had an unexpected surprise, when their family Christmas photo ended up somewhere else then their living room. Apparently, a college friend of the family spotted them in a huge ad at a food store in Prague, Czech Republic. The owner of the store claimed he just found it on the Internet and had no idea is belonged to a real family! So who knows? You might be famous in China!


“Where’s my Pancakes?”- Rescued by a status update. Rodney Bradford, a 19 year old, never would have thought that his affinity for pancakes would become his passport to freedom. On Saturday Oct 17th at 11:49am from his father’s apartment in Harlem, he posted, “Where’s my pancakes.” The day after, Rodney was arrested as a suspect in a robbery. His defense lawyer used the Facebook entry, which was made at the time of the robbery, as his alibi. This was later checked by the district attorney, who dropped the charges as soon as the Facebook alibi was confirmed. So all the pictures of your food you post, could keep you out of the slammer!


Family Reunion: Two college girls met on Facebook and realized they were both going to be attending Tulane University. So, when the first semester of Freshman year arrived, they arranged to meet. When they met, they were surprised about how much they had in common, how much they actually looked alike, and finally how they were both conceived from a sperm donor. They did some more research and found out they were both conceived from the same donor, making them half sisters! Anyone see the movie, Delivery Man?


So who knows, maybe one day one of your posts will develop into an incredible story that will be shared with the World!

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