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Pets of the Month

pom-beanieBeanie (A069887): Meet Beanie! Beanie is a neutered male Terrier mix, estimated to be about four years old. Beanie is a cute pup whose favorite activity is, by far, playing with toys! We think Beanie would do best as an only pet in an adult-only home, as he is a dog who values his personal space. Beanie will also need an owner who is willing to help him with potty training and other doggie manners.



pom-tinkpitbullTink (A070049): Say hello to our sweet Tink! Tink is a spayed female Pit Bull terrier, estimated to be about five years old. Like the Disney character she shares her name with, Tink is as loyal as they come (all she’s missing are her wings!)! Come to the AWLA to experience just how magical she is!







Mimi (A068382): Her name is Mimi- so nice, they named her twice! Mimi is a spayed female Domestic Shorthair, estimated to be about five years old. She has been with us since last July when her family moved and could not take her with them. We have learned that Mimi sometimes plays favorites with her human friends, but once you’re in her good graces then she will never leave your lap! If you’re looking for a beautiful kitty who’s also full of personality, ask us about Mimi!

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