From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, National Harbor

Let Us Give Thanks!

By Lani Gering

Let Us Give Thanks!

national-harbor-1Every November I find it harder and harder to stick to a theme for this column that doesn’t involve talking about the Christmas holidays. Every year it seems like the holiday “stuff” is on display in stores even before Halloween is over – as is the case while I write this on October 28th.

I took a stroll along American Way a couple of days ago and took the photos that appear here and promised myself that, other than a calendar listing for the tree lightings, I wouldn’t touch on any holidays other than Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.

national-harbor-3The photo of General Dwight D. Eisenhower is one of many of the bronze statues that grace American Way. He stands very near “Rosie the Riveter” that I wrote about last month! He is a good reminder that we need to take some time to thank those who serve our country this month. There are several restaurants in the Harbor that are offering special rates and/or free meals to any active member of the military.

Also along American Way are the new clay pots surrounding the tree wells. This is a very nice addition to the local scenery. Planted to the brim with assorted pansies, they really do stand out. Many of the storefronts and display windows are decked in fall finery. My favorite window is the one at Stonewall Kitchen. I just love that store! Speaking of which, please see the calendar listing for their Thanksgiving Prep event. They are having a free drawing for a $100 gift basket that day – be sure to drop in and fill out an entry form.

national-harbor-2November is also a good time to take a deep breath and treat yourself to a nice dinner and a stroll along the waterfront as well as American Way before you dive in to the Christmas holiday hullabaloo. If you don’t feel like cooking Thanksgiving dinner, check out the offerings at Old Hickory and the Pienza in the Gaylord Hotel. You won’t be disappointed.

It will really be crazy over here come December 8th when the much anticipated opening of the MGM Grand Resort and Casino takes place. This will really add another dimension to the Harbor. There is already plenty of conversation about how its’ opening is going to affect the traffic pattern around this joint! Stay tuned to this section for more information about the MGM in upcoming editions.

Thank the men and women you encounter in uniform for their service, count your blessings this Thanksgiving and be kind to one another!

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