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5 Irresistible Benefits of Palmistry at Work

By Peggie Arvidson
5 Irresistible Benefits of Palmistry at Work
Palmistry can be used in many professions. It can also be useful in your personal life. Here are five possibilities for you to put your palmistry prowess to work for you!
Disclaimer: Don’t read someone’s hands without their permission!

1. In healing professions. I use this term for anyone in the business of helping people transform their lives. Some examples: nutritionists; medical professional but especially nurses and other front-line techs; life or business coaches; pastors; therapists; massage and Reiki practitioners; etc. If you are a healer you want the best outcome possible for your client/patient. When they see results they are obviously happy and they end up referring their friends and family to you. When they see results faster than they expected they are over the moon and can’t do enough to sing your praises. Pragmatic Palmistry or Hand Analysis can actually speed up the process of whatever healing you do by helping you and your client focus on symptoms and the underlying challenge that they may be overlooking. You cut out the time it takes to get to the heart of the challenge and get to work right away, united with your client and focused on the most effective way to get results.

2. In hiring/recruiting jobs. A long time ago I was a professional recruiter in a cut-throat industry. As good as I was in that career; I could have been even more successful if I knew how to read hands back then. Palmistry helps a recruiter or hiring director clearly see the strengths and challenges of the applicant. If you’ve narrowed your search down to a few excellent candidates for a position that will require a great deal of concentration, quiet and focus you might think twice about the person whose hands show they have a strong need for socializing in order to feel effective. Knowing this by reading his or her hands, you can have a frank discussion about the position and the toll it could take on them and maybe even point them to an ancillary position that would benefit from their gift of gab.

3. In teaching positions/roles. Teachers have so much on their plates in the traditional school system! According to my friends and family who teach, their job is part ring-master, part Mother Confessor and part imparter of wisdom. You may not work with school students, but if you teach, wouldn’t it be nice to know the underlying motivation for each of your students? Wouldn’t it be great to see into their feelings and thoughts so you could home in on what makes them tick in and out of the classroom? Of course you can’t create individual plans for everyone, but you can be aware of what Bobby responds to and what turns Sally off as you deliver your lessons. You’ll have an insight into who is likely to be stoic in the face of true trauma and why the class clown or diva acts the way they do. All this can be seen in the hands of your students.

4. In sales positions. Sales people have tough jobs, they spend their days being rejected and yet they get up in the morning and do it all over again. All sales people know that closing a deal is a natural outcome of building a relationship with someone who needs and can pay for what you’re selling. Building relationships requires time. If you’d like to know how your prospective clients prefer to receive information, it’s worthwhile to learn to read hands because you’ll have instant insight into their preferred ways of communicating and an understanding of their true personality. Knowing how your potential clients are hard-wired, helps you to help them throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

5. In Entrepreneurial endeavors. Entrepreneurs wear lots of hats and it can be hard to focus on specific goals. Odds are good that the idea of picking your niche drives fear into your heart! Whether you’re afraid you’ll pick the wrong niche or that you’ll limit yourself too much by picking a niche, you’re stuck. You might feel like a plane, taxing over the runway, unable to land until you narrow your vision of your audience, niche or perfect customer. If you’re in business for yourself you either make something that changes people’s lives for the better, or you provide a service that changes people’s lives for the better. You do this because it helped you at some point in your life, right? Your favorite clients are going to be those who need the same thing and feel an awful lot like you did before your product or service came along. They may not look like you, they may not be the same gender or sexual orientation as you, but they do have at least one of the challenges that you have in your hands.
So there you have it 5 spectacular ways that truly knowing and understanding palmistry can help you in your professional life.

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