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8 Tips for Preparing for a Palmistry Reading

By Peggie Arvidson

8 Tips for Preparing for a Palmistry Reading 

palmistryreadingNo matter when or why you decide to have your hands read it can be a little nerve-wracking. When I picked up the phone to request my reading with a complete stranger in Tucson Arizona I remember my heart racing and hands sweating. I couldn’t wait to receive my ink kit and then, ultimately hear what she had to say. Even though I’d been told that this wouldn’t be a predictive reading, I admit I was still a little nervous about hearing my future. What I got was so much more! I saw myself reflected through her description of my hard-wiring. It was like an assessment test that I couldn’t manipulate and I was awed by the new sense of responsibility for myself and my life that happened as a result.
In case you’ve ever thought about having your hands read, here are my 8 best tips for preparing for and getting the most out of your palm reading.

  1. Follow instructions. If you’re working with a professional, she’s sent you detailed instructions for making your prints, scheduling your appointment and more. Her instructions may seem overly detailed, but that comes from years of answering questions, so do yourself a favor and read through the instructions before you get started.
  2. Ask questions. Just because you received detailed instructions, doesn’t mean YOUR question has been answered. It’s perfectly fine to send an email and ask if you have a concern about making your prints or sending them in the mail. (I’ve been guilty of not changing my mailing address on the instructions, when I moved, so I was super grateful when my client checked in with me!)
  3. Schedule for a time when you know you’ll have a clear schedule. If you’re going to be doing your reading during your work hours, make sure you clear your calendar and let your team know you’ll be unavailable for the hour of your reading. Better yet, head out to your car and take your call there.
  4. Read the paperwork. Your reader will likely send you her rules of the road for appointments, delays and rescheduling. Remember it’s your reading but your palmist is a pro and she has those guidelines set to be fair to everyone she serves. In my case, I know all my clients are grown-ups and I don’t send multiple reminders before calls. It’s an energy suck for me and for them. Therefore it’s important that they’ve written their appointment in their calendar and adhere to my no-nonsense boundaries around showing up on time.
  5. Before you get on your call, or show up in person, clear your head. Take a few breaths and smile to yourself. This is going to be FUN and enlightening.
  6. Clarify what you want during your reading. It’s awesome to put it out to the Universe that you’ll get exactly what you need during your reading, but it’s a good idea to be clear if you’ve got a specific question or concern you want to work through. As a reader I always ask if my client has something they want to discuss during their session. At least half the time they say, “Nope, just whatever you see.” Then when I’m wrapping up after 50 minutes, and ask if they need any clarity on anything I’ve shared, they say something like, “Well, you didn’t talk about – {my love life}, {my job} or {my mother’s health.}” It’s in your best interest to work with your reader. She’ll be up front if you’re asking for something that isn’t in your hands and you’ll be able to go forward without disappointment.
  7. Palmists are reading your hands. While every person on the planet has the capacity to tap into psychic realms and other dimensions, palmists are working with what they see in your hands. They aren’t there to wow you with predictions or messages from your Great Aunt Agnes. If that’s something you require, ask your palmist ahead of time if they ever do readings with a psychic twist.
  8. Don’t panic. There’s nothing bad in your hands! You have complete free will and should use the information in your hands to help you navigate any choppy waters you’re currently experiencing, but don’t expect to hear the answer to a yes or no question. Just like your life is full of options, your hands show you the options that are there right now. Use your hands to help you pick the most satisfying, least stressful path to where you want to go.

See, not so scary after all!

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