Notes from the Publisher


photo (4)Buddha Xmas 2015Instead of the usual Publishers Notes highlighting the contents of this issue, this will be more of a tribute to our recently deceased office kitty…Buddha. I am not really known as a cat lover…I have always preferred dogs, however I got lucky a few times. Over the years I have actually had two cats find me and then Buddha came along. We got Buddha when she was about13 years old. She readily adapted to our office life and quickly became one of the gang. She would join us on the patio for cocktails (she really liked rum) and would also tease the goldfish in the half wine barrel water feature. She would jump up on the side of the barrel and follow the fish as they swam around.

Sometimes she would become a bit adventuresome and take a walk around the corner of the building and stay out for the night. Next morning, all I had to do was call, and there she was! There were times she would just look at us until we followed her to her feeding bowl…dinnertime.

Buddha Saving MoneyBuddha-Last PhotoBuddha was a very, very chubby cat when we got her. She loved to eat and sleep (you can tell that by the photos) but was also one of the friendliest felines around. She was a very smart cat as well. She definitely got me wrapped around her little paw. The last month of her life came upon her fast. She lost weight and her ability to walk and stand up became difficult during the last few days. I would pick her up and carry her from room to room. The night she died I had stayed with her on the couch till 2:30 am watching her heavy breathing. I woke up the next morning at 5:30 am and went to the couch to check on her, but she was not there. Turning on the lights, I found her forty feet away lying dead on the floor at the foot of my bed. She was coming in to get me. That walk and the two steps down from the kitchen must have taken her 30 minutes to accomplish. Buddha cared as much about me as I did her. She is deeply missed!

On a much happier note – we are looking forward to a fun St. Patrick’s Day and a Happy Easter and hope that you are doing the same!

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