First Blush

Fall is Here and New Beauty Trends Abound

By Kim Putens

Unlike previous seasons where the beauty trends were a mixed bag of ethereal and fresh to bold and colorful, the fall beauty regimen is definitive and distinct and anything but a mixed bag.  While there are many options for how to fashion your face this fall, there is a definitive trend of colors – berry, rich, charcoal and flush.   The looks are bold, but beautiful and quite frankly, a fresh take on recent trends.   You’ll find throwbacks from the 80’s and new twists on the classics.

The basis for makeup regimens is foundation and this fall’s look is moving away from the matte finish.  Semi-matte (with a hint of glow) is the foundation of choice.  The point is no longer just to cover up flaws, but to allow one’s inner glow to shine through.  All you need to do is lighten up – simply brush on light layers of foundation and avoid, at all cost, the temptation to cover up.  All that covering leads to layers of cake that only emphasize flaws.  Step a step back, peel away the layers, and allow your unique features to shine through.

Monochromatic looks are this seasons answer to a quick, fresh look.  Pair your cheek color with the same for lips and eyes.  Delight in the fact that the colors are light and airy with emphasis on peachy and pink tones with a hint of shimmer.  If you can’t find the exceptional balance between the perfect color and a hint of shimmer, opt for layers.  Simply take a peach or pink blush and layer a shimmery bronzer over it.  Voila!  Another note about the cheeks this Fall.  For those of you blessed with high cheekbones, don’t hide them … make them come alive.  While season’s past has focused on the apples of our cheeks, this year cheek color is taken from the apples to the hairline.  Caution though… this is not a road map.  Blend it to naturally accentuate the cheekbone.

The look for eyes is bold, but the key is knowing when and where to wear these looks.  While bold in color, they can be applied subtly for day with the option to amp it up for night.  Colors of gray, chocolate, gold and cobalt abound.  Matte gray shadow on the eyes is a major focus for this fall.  Gray is great on so many skin tones that it’s virtually a neutral color.  Sweep the gray over the lid; add eyeliner, mascara and you’re done.

Chocolate is another beautiful and bold color for eyes this season.  Chocolate mixed with some gold helps to keep the eye from looking flat or mousy.  Achieve the look by putting chocolate in the crease and blending it to the outer corners of the eye.  Then sweep gold from the corner of the eyes and over the middle of the lid being sure to blend with the chocolate so it doesn’t look like tiger stripes.   The color is applied lightly, not heavy.  Too heavy and you’ll like the outcome of a boxing match.

Finally, a quick and easy look for eyes this fall essentially starts and ends with cobalt eyeliner.  For evening, line the top, bottom, and edges of the eye.  Wear with bare lids, black mascara, soft lips and cheeks.  Done.  To make it appropriate for day, just line the top of the lids and follow the same rules.

The beauty trend for lips is a bit like oil and water.  At one end of the spectrum – the nude lip.  At the other end – colors reminiscent of red wines … Bordeaux.   The nude lip is more sheerly pink than absolute nude.  Glossy is better while glitter is almost never.  To keep your face from looking naked, pair the nude lip with either a bold eye or face.   The opposite is true for bold colored lips.  Avoid looking Goth by pairing these lips with pale shades everywhere else.

Hairstyles are a retake on old classics.  It’s pulled together without being stiff.  Waves are more billow and fluffy, rather than spiraled.  Ponytails and buns are tidy without looking greased back and slick.  Try a tight, low looped ponytail for a change.  Add a bold accessory and you’ve got the look!  Headbands haven’t been popular since Hillary Clinton was First Lady, but they are back and not politically correct.  Thick headbands are embellished with sparkles and bows. Others are worn in multiples of two or three.  And, the only way to wear these headbands is close to the hairline and hair teased at the crown.

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