Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes: June 2015

About 10 years ago when the Internet and Facebook were making inroads everywhere, I became afraid that print might be dead. Certainly it had an adverse effect on some major daily publications, but for the niche market magazine, it has made it easier and more cost effective. Bill Schanen, publisher of SAILING Magazine stated in his September 2014 issue in an article titled To have and to hold-the enduring appeal of printed magazines. “…a speaker at a recent business conference who opined that You Tube videos had taken the place of magazines in informing enthusiasts like sailors about their sports. He didn’t seem to know the “print is dead” canard is dead itself, even though it keeps hanging around like a slow-witted zombie.” Schanen goes on to say, “There was a time, when Internet publishing was new. When it might have looked like ink-on-paper publications were on the way out. But that time is long past, and print is still here. It’s not just surviving; in many cases it’s thriving. The Internet didn’t kill print; it married it.” “Printed editions of enthusiast magazines, hobby magazines and lifestyle magazines are healthy and popular, even s as their websites and tablet computer editions flourish. The main reason is the save factor. Print magazines are tangible, a physical thing to have and to hold, to read and pore over. This pleases readers and it pleases advertisers.”

Indeed…the technology age has made it much easier to publish in print. Digital cameras, scanners, computers themselves and the wealth of programs available just make it simpler. Our thanks to those of you who have, over the past 27 years, read us for our history, people, personality and informative articles as well as the great photography. And a special thanks to those of you who display our covers in your homes and share with others.

Celebrate the welcoming of summer with a cool drink and something to eat at one of our many restaurant advertisers and don’t forget about “Old Glory” and display her proudly on Sunday, June 14th in honor of Flag Day! Last and certainly not least, celebrate Dad on the 21st!

I am looking forward to some good sailing weather in June so…let summer begin!

Written by: Bob Tagert

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