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Transcending Picasso: Exhibition of works by Belgium’s Cubist master Marius Zabinski opens at carmen’s gallery on June 13

Marius Zabinski - Reincarnation Now
Marius Zabinski – Reincarnation Now

MARIUS ZABINSKI is an internationally recognized Cubist artist following in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. While those names carry the weight of centuries, this artist brings fresh life to the senescent art form of Cubism. These artists have left seemingly large shoes to fill, and Marius is more than up to the task. As suggested by the exhibition title, his paintings truly transcend the traditional definition of “cubism” and thus Marius defines his own niche within the genre. He has had his work featured at the Louvre in Paris and Galerie l’Entrepot in Monaco as well as in Japan, Luxembourg, China, and his home country of Belgium.

Born and educated in Poland, Marius Zabinski was discovered early in his career and sponsored by a French art dealer, who invited him to Paris to pursue his artistic desires in the City of Light. Paris is so-named because in the 18th century it was a place of Enlightenment for artists, educators, and philosophers. It was here that Marius discovered a wealth of untapped possibilities in the Cubist movement. He recognized that the artform had not yet been exploited in its entirety, and endeavored to fill the void with his creativity and energetic style.

Based on Paul Cezanne’s three tenets, cubism raced through the art world in the early 20th century to claim its place at the top of the podium. The first tenet, geometricity, is represented in Marius Zabinski’s paintings by strong lines and sharp curves, simplifying figures into their geometrical components. The second tenet, simultaneity, makes one question whether there are three women or four in that painting by Zabinski. The third tenet, “passage” or the overlapping of planes within a work, shows distinctly through Zabinski’s still life paintings and the background features of many of his newer works.

Unquestionably Marius Zabinski’s paintings captivate the viewer, providing multiple and distinct layers for the mind to interpret and sift. In the upcoming exhibition at carmen’s gallery, each of Marius’ paintings is expertly framed by owner Carmen Lee Nance Gambrill to draw the eye into the painting and to perfectly complement the colors and textures of each work of art. Carmen’s gallery is extremely pleased to be hosting this artist for the week, and invites you to join art enthusiasts and collectors from across the country at the opening reception. “We are expecting crowds at these events,” says Gambrill, “so mark your calendars.”

Saturday evening, June 13 from 6 – 9 p.m. carmen’s gallery will host “Transcending Picasso,” an exhibition and sale of over 20 works by Marius Zabinski. Marius is traveling to the US from Belgium especially to attend this exhibition at carmen’s gallery. He will give a much-anticipated gallery talk about the evolution of his work, techniques, and inspiration. French beverages and Belgian chocolates will be provided as international inspiration throughout the evening. “Transcending Picasso” will be displayed through July 9. Please visit for detailed information on the artist and event schedule. Save the date and visit the gallery in June for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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