The Spice and Tea Exchange-Bringing the Flavors of the World to Old Town

The Old Town Crier is revisiting our local spice and tea mecca on King Street in this months Business Profile. Alexandria Spice & Tea Exchange (ASTE) just turned 5 years old this past April. I have to admit that I was one of the first locals to jump on their bandwagon because of the variety […]

Road Trip May 2015: Sussex County Delaware

This month our road trip once again took us to Sussex County Delaware, but more specifically to the beaches of southern Delaware. The beautiful beaches of southern Delaware were separated from the Washington D.C. area by the Chesapeake Bay for a long time, but that all changed in 1952. The first span of the Chesapeake […]

May is Growing Time!

I am always amazed at how quickly the seasons change. Even though this spring was later in arriving this year, it seemed like summer arrived just as the last of the snow was gone. On the farm, the list of projects grows exponentially. Around here, once the grass starts growing, it seems we are always […]

Chef Special: Chef Sheeru Madhu

By: Chester Simpson Chef Sheeru Madhu London Curry House 191 Somerville Street Cameron Station Alexandria, VA 703-675-7194 When did you first become interested in cooking? Why did you decide to pursue a culinary career? I was very passionate about cooking when I was in high school . I always helped my mom in her […]

The Memorial Day Poppy

The inspiration for this column began at the local shopping mall. Yeah, I know it is a pretty bizarre place to get any kind of inspiration let alone gardening inspiration but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. You see sitting out front of one of the mega stores was a WWII veteran […]


My sister-in-law refers to aging as the ability to see ‘the end of the conveyor belt.’ While I still have the horizon in my vista (as does she!), I’d be lying if I said that some of the conversations in my head weren’t thinking along those lines. “How many cars do I have in my […]

Fit Mom

As a personal trainer and mother, I can appreciate being able to have an hour to myself to get in a good workout. This event rarely happens. It seems that by the time I actually have some time to spend on myself there is still a million things to get done. Exercise is always on […]

The Secrets to a Fool Proof Self Tan

Learning to apply self-tanner is as much about patience and perseverance as it is an art form.  It does not have to be an uphill battle, like learning how to paint the Mona Lisa.  It is achievable and a few tricks of the trade will have you looking as stunningly bronzed as ever. Even if […]

On the Road with the OTC!

Solar Expansion Puts Popular Fauquier Business in Jeopardy

Last month, Dominion Power’s rezoning request to install hundreds of acres of solar panels on farmland in central Fauquier County was given the green light by the Planning Commission and today a very successful small business is in jeopardy. Dominion wants to build solar panels on the grounds of what is now Shady Grove Hunting […]