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Can My Life Line Tell Me How Long I’ll Live?

Hand Analysis, or as I like to call it, Pragmatic Palmistry is an interesting topic for so many people. Whenever people find out that I not only read hands, but that I spent a year getting my first certification and another year gaining my Master level certification they think I’m either bonkers or really interesting.

It’s up to you to decide for yourself, of course.

Here are few Myths and Facts about Hand Reading for your next trivia night.

  1. You cannot tell how long you’re going to live by the length, depth or shape of a life line on the hand. A life line begins between the index (Jupiter) finger and the Thumb and it curves around that fleshy pad below the thumb. It may be long or short, it may swing wide or curve close to the base of the thumb. It can tell you how grounded you are in the life you’re living right now – how much you enjoy being here on the planet, and how good you are to your body, but it cannot show you how long you’re going to live. If you’re interested in your life expectancy – – your family history, your eating habits, your drinking habits and your tendency to walk in traffic or down dark alleys in the worst part of town are more indicative of your life expectancy than a line on your hand.
  2. You may or may not have a “marriage” line. It doesn’t mean you will or will not be married. It seems that the internet is full of pictures of “marriage” lines and people who have been happily single for decades suddenly wig out thinking they are supposed to have TWO marriages! Or worse, there are people who are happily married and then find out (according to the internet, so it MUST be true) that they have 3 marriage lines – they call me in a panic wondering if I can tell them what’s wrong with their marriage or what’s going to happen to their spouse. Of course there are those who don’t have any “marriage” lines and they feel hopeless in pursuing their own highest and best good in a relationship, believing that they are ‘fated’ to be alone forever. None of this is true. There may (or may not) be one (or more) short, horizontal lines very close to the base of your pinky (Mercury) finger. This line (or lines) will be ¼ inch or shorter if you have it (we’ll talk about that other, longer line below the pinky in a minute). If you have one it can indicate a meaningful relationship. This meaningful relationship can be with a friend, a parent, a child, a co-worker or your bookie. It does not mean that you will have a romantic relationship with anyone, unless you and they agree to it.
  3. It follows then that there are NO CHILDREN LINES that cut through or below the “marriage” lines. There are no “boy/son” lines nor “girl/daughter” lines. In Pragmatic Palmistry, you have complete free will, and to my understanding there is a great deal of luck, prayer and timing involved in whether or not you give birth to children. There are many mothers and fathers who have no “children” lines and there are many adults who are child-free by choice that have the so-called “children” lines. Your hands cannot predict your future, nor the future of any other being.
  4. Your heart line doesn’t tell the full story when it comes to your love life. Your heart line begins below the pinky (Mercury) finger and travels horizontally across your hand toward the thumb side. It may end in one of four areas which is a tell-tale sign of how you love and how you wish to be loved. It’s also an indicator of your communication style, and interestingly enough one of the best tools for team building and sales training I’ve ever found in the workplace. Once you know and understand your heart line type you can communicate more effectively with everyone you meet, especially those you care most about.
  5. Everything in your hands, with the exception of your fingerprints, can change. This means that everything you see in your hands today may shift and change and even disappear in a few months or years or decades. This is because you are constantly growing, changing and expanding and it’s reflected in the lines, markings and even the shape of your hand.
  6. Your fingerprints never change. They are formed when you’re in the womb and they remain with you until you leave Earth. This is why hand analysts look to them as the key to your soul’s language. In our parlance we use your fingerprints to unlock the mystery of your life’s purpose while you’re on Earth. There are many ways to unlock your purpose of course, and these are your fingerprints, so you’ll find that your purpose, as translated from your fingerprints will feel familiar to you. Using your hands can help you find ways to allow that purpose to blossom into your everyday life.

Now, go forth and amuse your friends at your next Friday night bar-b-que with your newfound palmistry facts!

Written by: Peggie Arvidson

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