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First Blush – March 2015

Despite the freezing temperatures and snow-covered streets, spring is actually around the corner.  Despite the several inches of snow still blanketing the ground, in the fashion and beauty worlds, spring has already arrived with new trends blanketing the runways and at stores near you.  Beauty trends run the gamut of plentiful new hairstyles to good skincare.  Makeup is fun, light and colorful.

Good skin, flawless skin, nearly perfect skin reign supreme this spring.   The better the skin looks the better any of the makeup trends will look too.  In this same vane, the skin is healthy and glowing for spring.  To help support the goal of healthy looking skin, bronzed or sun-kissed skin are the way to go.  But, be careful not to look overly tanned, ala George Hamilton.  The intent is for your tan to be a subtle compliment to your skin while looking effortless and fresh.

Bright eyes are back in various rainbow colored hues.  Purples and blues continue to dominate those bright colors.  But greens are also in vogue.  The catch is not to overdo the look.  Brush the color along the lash line on the top and bottom to make the eyes pop without looking clown like.  When applying color in this fashion, the eyes will brighten and lighten your overall look.

Another BIG trend for spring is LONG lashes.  The longer the better is the motto this spring.  Think lengthening on steroids.   Steer clear of old notions that say not to apply more than two layers of mascara to your lashes.  This spring, all bets are off and the more layers the better in order to achieve the long, lush lashes that are so this year.

Luscious red lips are still in style this spring.  They’ve been a trend for many seasons and don’t show signs of going away.   For the warmer months though, it’s best to go light on your application of these rich red hues.  Instead of painting your lipstick on from the tube, it’s best to smudge it on and blend it with your fingertips to give lips a sheer wash of color.  Other trendy alternatives to red are bright pink and all shades of coral.  But, when using coral, be sure to pass on matte and go for glossy and use a light application such as smudging it on, rather than painting it on.

Less is more.  While past seasons have shown severe cheeks with amply defined cheekbones, this season’s trend is subtle and almost barely there.  Try only a flush of color on cheeks in coral and pink hues.  Don’t emphasize the cheekbones.  Allow them to blend into the background.

Hair has so many fun trends this year.  The mood for spring is definitely youthful and shiny with a mixture of texture and sleek.   Buns, ponytails, and very long hair are very in.  Stray from straight and work in some waves.  Textured, “beachy” hair is a definite must this season.  Shiny out shines matte for spring too.

When styling, the loose bun placed at the nape of the neck is very hip. However, it’s important to keep it loose and textured so as not to look like a librarian.  Ponytails take many shapes this season.  Side and loose ponytails dominate, while sleek, cheerleader type styles take on new heights.  Length is long for hair.  Long, wavy and shiny hair is the “it” do for the season.

Written by: Kim Putens

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