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Tailoring Your Social Media Message

In January I wrote about the 2015 outlooks for several of the prominent social media platforms. This month I want to discuss how you can tailor your social media messages to better match current holiday trends. It is no secret that February marks the month in which many retailers will push to have their consumers buy Presidents Day or Valentine’s Day specializes. With this in mind, I have a few tips to help you connect with your customers during the ‘February buying frenzy.’

Twitter: Don’t forget to tailor your tweets to match the current trends. For example, you can join the #ValentinesDay and #PresidentsDay hashtag ranks to help promote your tweets. Generally speaking, holiday Twitter success occurs when you have a particularly witty or catch tweet that warrants a retweet. Stay away from generic promotions, such as “Happy #ValentinesDay.” You can instead think outside of the box with something a little more original, such as “Single this #ValentinesDay? #50ShadesofGrey is coming to a theater near you… we’ll be there too.”

Facebook: People love to share photos around the holidays. These photos could be anything from a new purchase to a romantic dinner. No matter what they are sharing, the point is, if it is related to the current holiday, then the photo offers a chance for your customers to connect with your business. Encourage your followers to share their holiday related photos. You could even run a contest to see which photo acquires the most likes or shares, and the winning photo would receive a gift card or gift.

Instagram: Cute, cuddly, daring, or simply astonishing, when it comes to Instagram holiday success anything goes. To this end, I recommend assigning an emotional trigger to each holiday, and then posting a photo that invokes that specific emotion. For example, Valentine’s Day could be dedicated towards happiness, love, or commitment, while Presidents Day might inspire emotions of loyalty or dedication.

No matter which platform you choose for holiday and business promotions, be sure to create posts that will resonate with your intended audience. Just because another company uses a cute puppy for Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean that you should jump on the “cute bandwagon.” Perhaps, the satirical route of an amusing joke or GIF is the way to go. As always, knowing your audience, connecting with your audience, and encouraging a conversation will put you on the path towards social media success.

Written by: Laura P. Parker
Laura P. Parker is a full-time freelance writer and marketing guru. For more marketing tips or consultation advice please contact her at

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