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Spring Cleaning the House and Spirit

I’m not sure about you but I’m glad to see we’re heading into Spring. Winter is necessary, of course, and the reminder to go to ground, listen to our inner yearnings and truth is paramount to our evolution as spiritual human beings. Still. I admit to being very grouchy throughout the winter.

There are a few different stories about the origination of the term “spring cleaning” one cites it as related to the Jewish custom to rid their homes of even a crumb of leavened bread before Passover in order to not seem arrogant in the face of God (source: and another indicates a connection to the Chinese custom of ridding the house of all dirt and dust to prepare for the new year to symbolize the clearing out of all bad luck and misfortune that may have accumulated during the previous year. (source:

My personal tradition is different. It seems that I can’t go 24 hours without finding myself amid piles of papers and yarn and I tend to do well in this organized chaos. That is until I feel the need to clear everything into a proper bin and begin again. When the need to spring clean arises, I follow the urge both spiritually and practically.

If you’re eager to usher in Spring with a new look on life, here are some tips to get you started. Please note that these suggestions are simply that, and they do not require you to believe in or practice any particular faith. However, I find that these practices are useless if you don’t believe in a Higher Power.

  1. Start with the end in mind. Are you ready to bring in wealth or love or a new career in the coming months and year? Make sure you’re clear on your intentions as you clean your space. It helps you keep focused on the best possible outcome and also helps you release the flotsam that no longer serves you as you move forward.
  2. Ask for Divine Guidance. Whether you work with Archangels, Personal Guides, God, Goddess, Fairies or other sources of light and wisdom, invite them to the game of clearing. When you find yourself stuck, frustrated or ready to throw in the dusty towel, ask for your guides to help you finish the task at hand.
  3. Break it up. No one says you have to scour the entire house in 30 minutes. If it took you 12 months to clutter and fill your space, it’s going to take more than a few hours to make good and lasting changes. Resist the urge to beat yourself up, instead separate the tasks into doable increments. These increments can be by room, by subject or something altogether different that suits you and your needs. Not sure how to do it? Trust your Divine Self to have some great insight here.
  4. Ask for Help. Sometimes you need a professional to ensure you make choices and changes that lend themselves to lasting change for you and your space. Finding a professional organizer, interior designer and/or Feng Shui consultant can help you get over any hurdles and help you make lasting changes that are right for your life and your goals.
  5. Look for the hidden clutter. Do you struggle to find things in your computer, in the cloud or in your email box? Maybe your digital photos are a hodge-podge of people and places and things you barely remember? Set aside time to tend to your digital footprint in a way that serves you. The reason you took those pictures was to keep the memories, so ensure you can find them when you want them. If you need help, there are professionals who can help you organize your electronic space just as there are those who can help you with your physical space.
  6. Bless the space. Once you’ve cleaned and created a space that feels light and good, take time to honor it. Whether you conduct a formal blessing by bringing in a minister or rabbi or pastor or you conduct a personal ritual for clearing your space with sound, sage and sweetgrass, take time to recognize the clarity you’ve created and the blessings that are on their way to you.

Here’s to a Happy Spring Cleaning today and all year through!

Written by: Peggie Arvidson

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