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New Year, New Stuff!

While most make resolutions, I look for revolutionary gadgets and gizmos to start my year. There are a lot of new and even improved products for boating and fishing! They can make life easier or protect your investment. Here are a few to take a longer look at! You’ll probably say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Trailering a boat is risky enough without having the guy behind you bumping into your expensive propeller causing possible damage elsewhere too. A parked boat with a propeller exposed might lead to an injury. The Back Off Bag wraps up the propeller in a quick drying, UV resistant mesh bag that is highlighted with 3 large reflective bands to alert drivers and pedestrians alike to the back end of your boat. The mold and mildew resistant bag tightens with a para cord and toggle for a custom fit! It also prevents the prop blades from tearing expensive covers! When not on the prop, it can be used for a storage bag. backoffbag.bigcartel.com

The trolling motor is one of the most important bass boat tools, getting anglers close to fish. But vibration created by flexing plastic blades produces propeller harmonic noise that could spook fish.   Propeller Dynamics, known across the country as a premier prop repair shop, also boasts several common sense accessories. Their latest is sure to make a lot of noise on the trolling motor scene, keeping trolling motors quiet! The Eliminator custom prop nut replaces the stock nut with a larger contact surface and special durometer rubber O-ring to absorb and stabilize the vibration created by a flexing trolling motor prop. In addition, it can be installed and removed by hand! The rubber O-ring secures the Eliminator, making it easy to make on-the-fly changes if needed. In addition, the larger surface area of the aluminum prop nut provides more cooling, conducting heat through the prop shaft. Aided by holes drilled in the Eliminator, water streams through to facilitate cooling. Reducing trolling motor temperatures allows the motor to operate more efficiently, extending battery life! Made in the USA Eliminator comes in red, blue, black and aluminum finishes. Call for custom colors. R2Marineinnovations.com

Known for waterproof socks and gloves, Hanz Legendary Extremity wear has a grip on smart phones! The new lightweight Tap-Knit Touchscreen Glove works with smart phones! No more removing gloves to answer or make a call! Even better, these gloves work with the new touchscreen fishing depth finders! In addition, functional Gripper dots enable the wearer to keep their grip. Seamless design eliminates annoying ridges on hands and fingers! Great for fishing, golf or everyday wear! hanzusa.com

For any outdoors activity, don’t reflect upon the suns glare! World famous Maui Jim Polarized Plus sunglasses are now lighter than ever! The Haleakala style, the latest offering from Maui Jim in the PureAirTM series, takes the weight out of the clearest sunglasses! New, translucent Grilamid TR90LX frames, a thermo-plastic known for durability, retains its shape even when the material is thin or flexed. Available in several frame and lens colors for any activity! mauijim.com

Anglers looking for simple ways to modify soft plastic presentations while having versatility for other techniques have found the new Infinity Weights from Lure Craft. A bullet style weigh has a removable wire insert allowing changing weight sizes. The wire clip enables hooks to be secured to the weight, also allowing the hook to swing freely! This presents lures at any depth similar to shakey head while coming through cover better and accommodating a wider variety of hook and bait sizes. Jigs can also be attached for more weight. No extra pegging required! The unique design keeps line secure to the wire while keeping the hook from coming detached as well! Swimbaits, swimming soft plastics, just about anything has more action. Infinity Weights can be painted to match lures. Hooks can be piggybacked for more weight and changed without retying too. The Infinity Weight can also be used as a drop shot or split shot weight. lurecraft.com

Every angler uses pliers and a fish towel. Storing them is another issue. Pliers need to be handy, when removing a hook from a fish or to crimp a weight or to make on-the-fly adjustments or repairs. Not having them at your fingertips can create problems. Reaching for them with a fish on the line or spending fishing time looking for them makes location key. The folks at Deep Creek lures have created the Pliers Caddy. This indestructible hard plastic pliers holder easily and quickly straps and sticks to seat poles where pliers can be accessed immediately. But wait, there’s more! A towel ring is mounted on the side of the Pliers Caddy for an easy grab! deepcreeklures.com

These gadgets and gizmos are sure to make boating and fishing just a bit better! Check them out!

Potomac River Bassing in January

Consistent water temperatures from 38-45 during the month. Find fish on steep drops in out-of-the-current areas.

Silver Buddy Blade baits, jigged down drops on 10-2 pound test GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon line will locate fishing depth. Keep hooks sharp, replacing with Mustad KVD short shank trebles if needed! Once found, follow up with Punisher Hair jigs on 6-pound test Copoly line on spinning gear. Slowly drag short distances and stop. Shake a bit too! Also use Mann’s 3 inch avocado Stingray grubs in ¼ ounce ball head jig heads.

Mizmo Tubes on 1/8-ounce tube heads on the same line also will work. With al of these baits, allow them to glide and stop, a gentle shake will help. Be patient! Soak them in garlic flavor Jack’s Juice Bait Spray.

On the warmer days or in warmer water, Use Lucky Craft suspending Pointer 78 jerkbaits. Gold patterns on cloudy days, baitfish patterns with sun. Toss these on spinning gear, again on 6-pound test.


Written by: Steve Chaconas
Capt. Steve Chaconas, Potomac bass fishing guide, BoatUS “Ask the Expert” (http://my.boatus.com/askexperts/bassfishing/)

Potomac River reports: nationalbass.com. Book trips/purchase gift certificates: info@NationalBass.com.

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