Pets of the Month

Pets of the Month – November 2014


Prince is a very affectionate cat looking for a home that will give him plenty of snuggles and attention. Don’t be intimidated by his royal name, though, Prince has no trouble stepping down from his pedastal to warm up to strangers! He is as sweet as he is handsome and is full of personality- he is sweet, curious, and has no hesitations approaching people. Most of all, Prince loves to cuddle and play! Just pet him for a few minutes and he will quickly start purring and rolling over onto his back for more. Get to know how awesome Prince is and take him to your loving home today!


Diva is a bit shy and fearful when you first meet her, but in the time that she has been at the shelter she has started to warm up to some of the staff members here, and we can tell you that once you win her over, she is the sweetest thing on four legs! She would really do best in a quiet, adult-only home where her new owners can really get to know her in a low-stress environment. She would also do great in a home with other small dogs, as she has been housed with other chihuahuas here at the shelter and done very well with them. Diva is ready and waiting for her new family, so we hope to see you soon!

King Street Cats Adoption Calendar for November 2014

 For details please see our Website:
Or contact us via email at:


King Street Cats
25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-4.30pm


Pro Feed
Bradlee Shopping Center, 3690 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302
Every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-4pm


Petco Unleashed
1101 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202
Saturday, November 1 and Saturday, November 15 and Sunday, November 16 from 1pm-4pm


The Dog Park
705 King Street, Alexandria, VA22314
Saturday, November 1 from 1pm-4pm


2772 S Arlington Mill Dr, Arlington VA, VA 22206
Sunday, November 9 from 1pm-4pm


Willston Shopping Center, 6100 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
Sunday, November 23 from 1pm-4pm


King Street Cats is looking for foster homes! You provide the spare room and TLC and we can provide food, litter and all vetting. Please email for our Kitten Fostering FAQ at:

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