Going Soft on Plastics

If not for tireless efforts of Alexandria-based American Sportfishing Association (ASA), fishing with soft plastic lures like worms and other creatures would be outlawed! The Maine State Legislature was considering a ban on the use of soft plastic fishing lures to accompany the State’s already restrictive lead sinker and jig use. Could this lead to […]

Learning To Sail, One New Sailor’s Story

Although it may sometimes feel as if everyone sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries got started as children, plenty of gung-ho and competent sailors didn’t take up the sport until adulthood. Jonathan Newton is one such sailor. Newton, who owns a Laser sailboat and is a finance and accounting professional living in Annapolis, […]

T minus zero…

At the suggestion of my friend, Madi, I recently installed the T-0 app on my phone to count down the days/hours/minutes/seconds ‘til THE BIG DAY. As I’m typing this, we are exactly 55 days and 18 hours and 34 minutes away. YIKES! It is exciting and thrilling and a wee bit scary to be approaching […]

C’mon Get Happy!

“How can I claim my happiness and joy if I don’t know what that means?” I hear this question on a daily basis. It’s an epidemic of ennui. There’s a sadness that accompanies the women (mostly) and men (some) who are struggling to make the most of this life. There’s a bit of nostalgia for […]

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Our Labradoodle, Polly, has had minor hip dysplasia since she was about 4 years old. In Polly, this manifests as occasional limping, doing a sort of “bunny hop” run that tries to take the impact off her hips, and just in general chasing after the tennis ball less than we know she’d like to. When […]

Is It Time to Rebalance Your Plan Investments?

Adjustments to your asset allocation should occur gradually over the years based on such factors as your projected retirement date and your comfort level with risk. Rebalancing, or reallocating, your retirement plan investments on a periodic basis should be a standard part of the investment process. If you have not reviewed your plan holdings lately, […]

From the Trainer – FitBall Abdominal (Ab) Exchange

This month’s exercise is the FitBall Abdominal (Ab) Exchange. This is a great exercise for the rectus abdominus. The start position is shown in Figure 1. The FitBall is held off the floor with your arms extended straight above the head. Notice how the feet are also held above the floor about a foot or […]

Enjoy Award Winning Tropical Cocktails During the Dog Days of Summer

Summer days in the islands often mean hazy, hot afternoons when you long for nothing more than a long swim and a cold drink. The next time I’m whipping up a batch of something refreshing, I’m going to steal a page from USVI Culinary Team Bartender Brandon DeCloux, whose work I recently had the pleasure […]

The Crater

CIVIL DISCOURSE, AUGUST 1864 Summer of 1864 finds the armies faced off on a vast entrenched line extending from the killing grounds at Cold Harbor to the railhead at Petersburg – not so much a “siege” as trench warfare anticipating another cheerless front fifty years to come. On July 30th, 1864, the Confederate army before […]

Snakes and Lizards!

We had a snake in our living room last weekend. The kind nightmares are made of: a big, slithery blackish colored serpent that scared Doug out of a sound sleep on the couch. When you live in the country you expect to be surprised by wildlife occasionally. Deer, fox, raccoons, opossum and wild turkeys are […]