Slaughter at Cold Harbor

CIVIL DISCOURSE, JUNE 1864 May of 1864 has seen Grant break winter camp and move steadily south.  After almost a month of continuous combat, the exhausted armies face off on the old battlefield of Gaines Mill, on parallel lines about seven miles long near the villages of Old Cold Harbor and New Cold Harbor, just […]

How to Use Your Intuition to Earn Your Worth

Your intuition works when you set an intention, take action to make the intention real, AND release your attachment to the outcome. This seems a little counter-intuitive, right? Releasing your attachment to a specific outcome does not mean that you sit on the couch, watching Real Housewives for hours and just hope that your intention […]

Kilaurwen Winery – Relaxing in the Blue Ridge

Too often passion is confused with excitement.  Passion is significantly deeper and richer than mere excitement.  This long burning passion is evident in the relaxed, understated wines and tasting room of Kilaurwen Winery. Located about 35 minutes North of Charlottesville, Kilaurwen is a small intergenerational winery with hand crafted vintages of distinction.  The winery is […]

Need to Know How Well Your Funds Have Performed? Try Benchmarking

While indexes are good methods of gauging how a mutual fund performs in relation to the overall market, they shouldn’t be the deciding factor in determining if a fund may meet your needs and objectives. Social Media Message: How do you determine if your funds have performed well? One way is to benchmark them. Description: […]

Keep On Truckin’

Drive-By Truckers: English Oceans The Drive-By Truckers continue to be one of the best and most consistent American bands on their tenth studio album, English Oceans.  Far from uplifting, their songs are generally character sketches about the grittiest, saddest, most downtrodden and down-on-their-luck the American South has to offer.  And there is no band that […]

The Invention of Wings

“Come gather ’round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You’ll be drenched to the bone” Bob Dylan said it best. After the long slog of a punishing winter, this spring has been luxuriant for denizens of Alexandria and the greater DC area. It […]

Exploring VA Wines in June

First of all for those interested, a brief vineyard update: Most of the colder sites in the state have suffered damage from the cold winter. This was also varietal specific, meaning Merlot, Tannat and Sangiovese for us had a lot of winter kill. The circulatory system for some of the vines is healing and the […]

Renaissance Man John Reardon

Nice Guys Finish First John Reardon is a throwback, a kind of “Renaissance man.” His aptitude for choosing niche entrepreneurial opportunities with start-up companies, combined with his compassion for helping children in need, have allowed him to make a positive impact on the Old Town Alexandria community for the past 14 years. However, John is […]

Meet, Pray, Love, Wed

One of the items left on my bucket list is ‘write bestselling novel.’ I’ve been able to cross a few things off my list like ‘get Costco membership’ and ‘climb Mt. Everest (not!),’ but like the ever elusive ‘finish crossword puzzle,’ writing the novel just sits on the list screaming at me. Somehow, I’ve managed […]

Watermen Heritage Tours with Captain Phil Langley

Today’s Chesapeake watermen are heirs to more than 3 centuries of tradition, innovation, and adaptation to a changing world.  For more than 100 watermen, “heritage tourism” and Watermen Heritage Tours, could be the latest adaptation that keeps them on the water, working the skills of their craft. Watermen Heritage Tours, a partnership between the Chesapeake […]