First Blush

First Blush – November 2013



Autumn can be a tricky time for beauty. For many of us it’s somewhat of an awkward in-between season in which our skin is losing the last of its sun kissed summer glow, where your skin isn’t quite oily but not quite dry, your leg stubble becomes less of a concern, and your hair has become dull, limp, and seems to be suffering from early onset static. It’s easy to look blah and feel blah in this pre-holiday season slump.

From fancy airbrushed spray tans, extensive waxing treatments, and high-maintenance highlights, you can waste a ton of money remedying most of these cold weather beauty blues, and with gift shopping right around the corner most folks are trying to save a buck. This season why not look to one of the fastest, simplest, and cheapest ways to give yourself a little pick-me-up; the headband! Lazy girls rejoice! With practical zero effort, headbands allow your locks a break from the blow dryer, hide bed-head and gym hair, rein in unruly flyaways, and polish up any look in a cinch. Plus it’s a welcomed change from your standard winter beanie.

Adorning your noggin with a little unexpected flair is an effortless way to stay on trend this Fall, not to mention rake in the compliments from coworkers and commuters alike. Seen all over the catwalk and sidewalk, there are so many styles of headbands and scarves currently in style that there’s a look to suit every personality and occasion. From a Rosie-the-Riveter headscarf look to a glammed out sparkle crown, there’s something for everyone. When your mane is looking as bleak and dreary as the bitter November weather and you can’t bear to bother with fussy hot tools or hair-mashing hats, simply top off your look with the perfect chic headpiece.

Garland-esque floral headbands give off that groovy, laidback, music festival vibe and their vibrant colors and whimsical nature are perfect for brightening up a gloomy day when all you see are bare branches and fallen leaves. Wear with long, loose waves to a beach bonfire or casual brunch with the girls.

Whether ornate and blinged out or understated and simple, a little bit of sparkle never fails to jazz up lifeless cold weather hair. This style adds a dose of romantic glamour and sophistication to your look, and makes any outfit instantly dressier and more feminine. Just don’t go anywhere near the tiara look! I love delicate, tasteful bejeweled headbands sitting atop an expertly mussed updo or nestled into sexy bedroom curls for a look that works particularly well for evening events, winter weddings, and especially candlelit date nights.

If you’re more of a function over fashion kinda gal, a simple but chic headband will work wonders for your routine. Whether you’re looking for something to hold back your hair while you grow out your bangs, something basic and understated for work, or just something you can throw on for running errands or the gym, sleek, skinny, low key headbands are the way to go. Think neutral colors and fabrics and wear with anything from a gym ponytail to a sleek boardroom chignon.

Wearing an expertly tied scarf knotted in your hair is a thing of beauty and something to be admired. It’s actually a lot harder than it looks, but when you get it right a cute silk scarf can become a look-transforming piece of magic. Whether you’re looking for flair or masking a bad hair day, scarves are an underrated, retro approach to switching up your hair looks. Search online for video tutorials or step-by-step photos on how to tie headscarves into some truly interesting looks—everything from twisty turbans to nautical knots.

Turban Style
Turbans are very on trend this season and are really easy for everyone to rock. They’re a little retro, a lot hip, and actually keep your ears warm. Plus the knotted style and stretchy fabric material won’t flatten a voluminous blowout or give you matted hat hair. These styles look great with hair up or down, but I love slipping one down over your hair and ears for that too-cool-for-school hipster vibe.


~ Written by: Genevieve LeFranc

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