Notes from the Publisher

Publisher Notes – November 2013

Bob Tagert – Publisher of the Old Town Crier

After a relatively pleasant and perfect summer, the fall weather came on strong at the end of October.  As I am writing this at press time, the temps are suppose to rise back into the middle 60’s next week.  It will still be nice weather to take a Road Trip to Front Royal, Virginia.  This time of year always brings change.  Our friends, Caroline and Bill Ross, have finally fulfilled their dream and have opened River Bend Bistro in Hollin Hall.  We wish them every success.  The recently renovated Old Town Theater, after a brief downtime for reorganization, will once again be lighting up the stage in mid month.

Check out Lori Welch’s Single Space column as she moves into the realm of being engaged.  John Marshall Bank will soon be opening their first office in Alexandria and you can read about their philosophy in Liz Jones’ Business Profile column.  Meet Personality Profile Alan Etter and get a taste of living on the water. After Gettysburg, the Union and Confederate armies are back in Virginia along the Rappahannock River.  Doug Coleman reveals the action in both Virginia and Tennessee in Civil Discourse. Neil Williamson introduces us to Weston Farm Vineyard in this months Grapevine.

November brings us Thanksgiving and there are many things that we can be thankful for. We hope you celebrate with loved ones near and far. Let’s not forget to honor our Veteran’s on their day this month as well. Happy Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving to you all!

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