Shooter Mcgee’s Delectables and Cure-Alls

By the Gastronomes Shooter Mcgee’s Delectables and Cure-Alls 40 Years Young Shooter Mcgee’s has been a neighborhood go-to restaurant and bar for forty years as of this month. Started by young former D.C. bartenders, Tom Jackson and Mike (Mango) Anderson, they brought their D.C. culture of a good, fun restaurant to the west end of […]

Three Days in Southern Virginia: Martinsville – Henry County

By Nancy Bauer Three Days in Southern Virginia: Martinsville – Henry County You already know way more than you think about southern Virginia’s Martinsville–Henry County. The region is known as the home of many household names: Bassett, Fieldcrest, NASCAR, Marshall Fields. Today, it’s also home to locally-crafted libations, plenty of culture, and lots of options […]

Is there Art in Agriculture?

By Doug Fabbioli Is there Art in Agriculture? I have spent almost 4 decades working in agriculture, turning crops into a preserved, value added product, and teaching people how to be successful at this vocation. We don’t always acknowledge that there is an artistry to agriculture, mainly because the science is so critical to success. […]

Festive Coolers for the Hot Weather

By Judy Eichner Festive Coolers for the Hot Weather While traveling in Puerto Rico and Jamaica, several years ago we were invited to several outdoor barbecues and to our delight, we discovered some different drinks than those that are normally served at a barbecue. You can make any summertime gathering festive with this assortment of […]

Behind the Bar: Jacob Sunny

Jacob Sunny Bastille Brasserie & Bar 606 North Fayette Street Old Town Alexandria 703-519-3776 How did you get started in the bartending business? Two years ago, after I got out of my engineering job, I was looking for something new and refreshing to do for couple of months. I came across Bastille’s ad, responded […]

Let’s make a plan!

By Doug Fabbioli Let’s make a plan As a grape grower, I have to have some long range vision. The decision on “what grapes to grow where” is decided 4 years before any crop is harvested from those vines. If the vines don’t grow well in that location, or if the vines you planted were […]

The Grower of Barboursville – Fernando Franco

By Nancy Bauer The Grower of Barboursville – Fernando Franco “I love the challenge.” That’s all you’ll get out of Fernando Franco about what was perhaps the most demanding growing season in Virginia wine history. No complaints, no whining, no drama. “We were diligent with the vineyards and we kept everything healthy,” he said. “We […]

Where are the lines drawn in the alcohol world?

By Doug Fabbioli Where are the lines drawn in the alcohol world? Beer, wine or liquor? How do you make what, who sells it and how is it regulated? I must admit, I have learned a few things about this subject over the past few decades. When working with alcohol products that are based on […]

Cedar Knoll

By the Gastronomes “At Cedar Knoll, we aim to bring you innovative American cuisine, with elevated French influences, to complement the history and majesty of the views that surround you. Our menu features seasonal ingredients, sourced from local operations such as historic Piscataway Farm and Path Valley Farms collective. No matter what space you choose, you’re sure to have […]

Behind the Bar: Alyzabeth “Lyz” Davis

Alyzabeth “Lyz” Davis Village Brauhaus 710 King Street Old Town Alexandria 703-888-1951 Lyz Conjures up her Summer in Maine cocktail. Stoli Bluberi Vodka, Bacardi Superior White Rum, blueberry lemon-honey syrup, lavender extract, lemon, club soda and blueberries for muddling! Lyz is behind the bar Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 4pm to close. How […]