Every Day is Valentine’s Day at Our Restaurant Partners!

By Bob Tagert Every Day is Valentine’s Day at Our Restaurant Partners! We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight our loyal restaurant advertisers and give you some ideas for your Valentine’s Day dining plans. LANDINI BROTHERS RESTAURANT There is a reason that Landini Brothers is listed first. This is one of the oldest and […]

Virginia Bottle Art: Crazy Labels and Great Stories

By Matt Fitzsimmons Virginia Bottle Art: Crazy Labels and Great Stories All bottle art is designed to grab your attention, but the best ones convey a message. Some           highlight a good cause. Others explain the winery’s heritage. A few just want to make you laugh. Regardless, if the art causes you to say “I MUST […]

Understanding Virginia’s “Natural Wine”

By Matthew Fitzsimmons Understanding Virginia’s “Natural Wine” Natural wine is a trendy term in the wine industry. It certainly hits several items on the hipster bucket-list. Some claim that it’s healthier for you than regular wine (unlikely to be true). Natural wine is often confused with organic wine (not the same, but somewhat in the […]


Lets’s Eat by Charles Oppman Cassoulet   Now that we’re in the cold weather months it is good time for a hearty country dish. Why not make a classic bean dish―cassoulet? Cassoulet is a rib-stickin’, slow-cooked bean stew or casserole originating in the south of France, containing meat (typically pork sausages, pork, goose, duck and […]

Starting 2021 With Good Luck Foods!

By the Gastronomes Starting 2021 With Good Luck Foods! While the pandemic protocols are still in full force for our restaurant and bar businesses we are looking toward a much brighter future. There is a vaccine now and more people seem to be willing to dine at an establishment – indoors and out – but […]

What is Terroir and Why Does it Matter?

By Doug Fabbioli   What is Terroir and Why Does it Matter? One of the nice things about social media is that we can have some thought-provoking discussions without having to be together in the same room. Yes, sometimes we get some trolls or ridiculous characters spouting off their opinions so they feel better, but […]

White House Egg Nog – One for the Ages

By Walter Scheib et al. White House Egg Nog – One for the Ages This recipe from former White House Chef Walter Scheib, The American Chef, was published in this space shortly after he left his post on Pennsylvania Avenue and we have decided it might be a nice thing to do annually.  We met […]

We Farm – We Don’t Hibernate

By Doug Fabbioli We Farm – We Don’t Hibernate Many folks may think that farmers get to hibernate for the winter months until the sun warms the ground back up to a reasonable temperature in the spring. Mother Nature gives us a grand season each year to reap the sunshine and turn it into a […]

Virginia Wineries Breaking the Mold On Sparkling Winemaking

By Matt Fitzsimmons Virginia Wineries Breaking the Mold On Sparkling Winemaking Sparkling wine has a reputation as a ‘special occasion’ beverage – but this is changing. While higher-end sparklings will likely remain a rare treat for most consumers, a growing number of American wine drinkers are reaching for bubbly more frequently, making it one of […]

Thanksgiving Dinner – To Stay or To Go

By The Gastronomes Thanksgiving Dinner – To Stay or To Go This holiday season is going to be one for the books for sure with the pandemic still in what seems to be full force. Who would have thought it would be this serious for this long? A huge part of the holidays is food […]