Old House Cosmopolitan Grill – A Taste of Germany In Old Town!

By the Gastronomes Old House Cosmopolitan Grill – A Taste of Germany In Old Town! When we started the Old Town Crier in 1988 our first office was in the 100 block of North Henry Street. On the east corner of North Henry and Cameron Street a small restaurant opened called Pasta Peasant that was […]

Harvesting Through a Hurricane

By Doug Fabbioli Harvesting Through a Hurricane This game of grape growing and winemaking in the Mid-Atlantic region has its ups and downs. For the record, I believe this has been the hardest growing season I have encountered of my 22 seasons in Virginia. The rains, the heat, the humidity, the rain, the lack of […]

Brick Wood Fired Bistro Spicy Mussels

Brick Wood Fired Bistro Spicy Mussels Recipe:  (Serves 5-6) 5 lbs PEI Mussels 1 lb Cooked Mexican style chorizo 5 tblsp Chopped garlic 5 tsp Red chile flake 1/2 Cup blended oil Fish Broth (see recipe) 2 Cups diced tomatoes For Garnish (optional) Grated parmesan Fresh chopped parsley & oregano Fresh baguette or other crusty […]

Augie’s Mussel House

By the Gastronomes Augie’s Mussel House This Dining Out is going to be a little bit different than the norm. Consider it more of a teaser of bigger things to come than a showcase. Augie’s Mussel House recently opened in the old space that we affectionately knew for many years as Le Gaulois at 1106 […]

Behind the Bar: Kerry Nagle

Kerry Nagle Pirates Cove Dock Bar 4817 Riverside Drive Galesville, MD 410-867-2300 piratescovemd.com           Kerry mixes up a couple of West River shots! Coconut rum, fresh squeezed OJ, a splash of blue curaçao and topped with prosecco. How did you get started in the bartending business? I have been in the […]

And Here We Go Again!

By Doug Fabbioli And Here We Go Again! Fruits of the season are singing to the farmer with sweet smells of ripeness. The red berry aromas and dark colors from the raspberry patch, the citrus floral characters from the hops and the color change on the grapes; these are all signs that we need to […]

Al Chadsey – Local Legend Comes to Old Town

Al Chadsey – Local Legend Comes to Old Town By Bob Tagert For those of you who have been in this town for the past 50 years like myself, we can remember a time when D.C. was really crazy, Georgetown was the hot spot and the Golden Triangle was becoming the new hot spot for […]

Behind the Bar: Gregory Dreher

Gregory Dreher Bond 45 149 Waterfront Street National Harbor 301-839-1445 Bond45.com           Gregory serves the Bond 45 Cup Cocktail for Two House-made pineapple infused vodka, passion fruit nectar, lime juice, agave & habanero tincture How did you get started in the bartending business? My first month in the service industry landed […]

Crustacean Cuisine In the Harbor – Crab Cake Café and Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls

By the Gastronomes Crustacean Cuisine In the Harbor – Crab Cake Café and Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls We can’t think of anything better on a summer day than a good crab cake sandwich or a fresh lobster roll and there are two locations on the waterfront in National Harbor that specialize in both. Crab Cake […]

Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crabs and Kingfishers Pizza!

By Charles Oppman Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crabs Now that we’re in the middle of soft shell crab season we should be thinking about frying up a few of these fabulous crustaceans. The soft shell crab is one of the South’s greatest contributions to American cuisine. Soft shells are a delicacy in every sense of the […]