New Orleans’ Po Boys

By Charles Oppman New Orleans’ Po Boys With Mardi Gras fast approaching in early March, we thought it only fitting to publish the recipe for a Nawlin’s favorite.  Every so often a marvelous dish is created, one that is so special, so memorable it becomes a classic. The famous New Orleans’ po boy is one […]

River Bend Bistro & Wine Bar

By the Gastronomes River Bend Bistro & Wine Bar In October of 2013 Bill Ross and his wife Caroline Bruder Ross opened their dream…River Bend Bistro in the Hollin Hall shopping center. An accomplished chef, Caroline had always wanted her own place. In 2013 they made it happen and today have a very popular and […]

Behind the Bar: Kyle McFarland

Kyle McFarland Irish Whisper 177 Fleet Street National Harbor 301-909-8859           Kyle pulls a perfect “Half and Half” – Harp on the bottom and Guinness on the top How did you get started in the bartending business? I started in the restaurant business almost 13 years ago as a simple […]

15 VIP Experiences in Virginia Wine Country

By Nancy Bauer 15 VIP Experiences in Virginia Wine Country Frequent winery travelers are asking more from Virginia. With cupboards full of logo’d wine glasses at home and hundreds of hours of experience logged at tasting bars, serious winos have begun looking beyond the bar for more personal experiences. They want to trade stories with […]

Behind the Bar: Pedro Mendoza

Pedro Mendoza Northside 10 10 South Glebe Road Alexandria 703-888-0032             Pedro conjures up the Northside Breeze – Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka, Cranberry and Orange Juice and a splash of Prosecco garnished an orange slice and cherry How did you get started in the bartending business? I started bartending […]

Valentine’s Day Decadence

Let’s Eat by Charles Oppman Valentine’s Day Decadence      With Valentine’s Day upon us, you probably need to come up with a gift for that special someone. Why not make a gift of food, but not just any food, it must be chocolate. Lovers the world over consider chocolate to be sexy, sensual and […]

Hard Times Café – The Old Town Original

By the Gastronomes Hard Times Café – The Old Town Original Washington D.C. may have Ben’s Chili Bowl, but Old Town Alexandria has Hard Times Café…so does Fairfax, Fredericksburg (2), Springfield, Rockville and College Park, Maryland. With winter finally here, we decided that a visit to Hard Times Café for some chili and a sandwich […]

Just Getting to Know Virginia Wine Country? Here’s What You Missed

By Nancy Bauer Just Getting to Know Virginia Wine Country? Here’s What You Missed Hartwood Winery celebrates thirty years, and its owner tells some tales When Hartwood Winery owner Jim Livingston opened his doors in 1989, after more than 15 years of growing grapes, there were only a few dozen wineries in the state. Of […]

Grateful Kitchen Company – Here’s To Your Health!

By the Gastronomes Grateful Kitchen Company – Here’s To Your Health! Well…..I’m going to have to confess that neither of us has frequented many eateries that cater totally to healthy cuisine. This is obvious if you ever see us in person. This year, however, one of us has decided to “try” to take a healthier […]

Behind the Bar: Tara Hopkins

Tara Hopkins Fish Market Restaurant Anchor Bar 105 King Street Old Town Alexandria 703-836-5676 Tara serves up the Copper Schooner – 32 ounces of Habanero Moonshine, Owens Craft Ginger Beer & Lome’! How did you get started in the bartending business? I was a server at the time and the day bartender needed some […]