Just Getting to Know Virginia Wine Country? Here’s What You Missed

By Nancy Bauer Just Getting to Know Virginia Wine Country? Here’s What You Missed Hartwood Winery celebrates thirty years, and its owner tells some tales When Hartwood Winery owner Jim Livingston opened his doors in 1989, after more than 15 years of growing grapes, there were only a few dozen wineries in the state. Of […]

Hand-crafted Wines for the Holidays

Hand-crafted Wines for the Holidays by Mary Ann Dancisin, Certified Specialist of Wine Giving a gift of fine wine for the holidays is a time-honored tradition. In fact, the months leading up to Christmas are always the heaviest selling season for wines and spirits. But: not at our local wineries. Visits to wineries in the beautiful […]

Loudoun County Wine Awards 2018 – Fabbioli Cellars Gets Top Honors

By Nancy Bauer Loudoun County Wine Awards 2018 – Fabbioli Cellars Gets Top Honors   I stopped going to the mega summer wine festivals many years ago. Back then, I loved the energy, the crowds, and the novelty. Now, they just make me grumpy. The sweaty scrum pushing for tiny pours, the blasting sun and […]

Three Days in Spotsylvania

By Nancy Bauer Three Days in Spotsylvania Wine, War, And Where in The World Is Stonewall’s Arm? Spotsylvania is peaceful now, but it wasn’t always that way. Union and rebel soldiers fought hard and often across these lands, and Stonewall Jackson suffered the shots that would cause his arm to be amputated and buried here, […]

Rose’ All Day in DC’s Wine Country

By Nancy Bauer Rose’ All Day in DC’s Wine Country Explore Loudoun County Through Rosé Colored Glasses So much for the notion that rosé wines are suited only to summer drinking. As the fastest growing wine in the U.S., and one of the most versatile, rose’ has stepped up to take a permanent place at […]

Three Days in Madison County: Five Wineries and A Taste of Old Country

By Nancy Bauer Three Days in Madison County: Five Wineries and A Taste of Old Country If you’ve spent any time exploring Virginia Wine Country, it’s likely you’ve met Madison County, maybe without even realizing it: her farmlands fall on either side of Route 29, the road between Charlottesville and Northern Virginia and her western […]

Wine Finds in Fauquier County

By Nancy Bauer Wine Finds in Fauquier County With nearly 30 wineries less than an hour’s drive from the DC Beltway, Fauquier County is a quiet powerhouse in Virginia Wine Country. A favorite trek for in-the-know fine wine lovers, Fauquier is home to the state’s most acclaimed winegrower (Jim Law, Linden Vineyards) and best high-end […]

Loving Cup Winery

By Nancy Bauer Loving Cup Winery Growing Organic in Virginia Loving Cup Winery outside Charlottesville is an organic winery in a climate that doesn’t care for organic wineries. At any given time, a dozen grape-growing trials are underway, and a tour of the vineyard turns up surprises, like a field of 4-foot sticks standing at […]

Don’t Be So Serious…….It’s Just Wine

By Nancy Bauer Don’t Be So Serious……It’s just wine Who cares if you drink your whites too cold, can’t taste the peach in a Viognier, or didn’t know that Meritage is actually supposed to rhyme with heritage? Wine can be a fascinating journey, but it doesn’t always have to be an epic quest. Sometimes, it […]

Warm Up In Wine Country: 5 Loudoun Wineries That Will Warm Your Soul This Winter

By Nancy Bauer Warm up in wine country 5 Loudoun wineries that will warm your soul this winter Steve Carell’s hot wax scene in the 40-Year-Old Virgin is an apt metaphor for 2017, but it wasn’t all misery: Finally, Virginia’s long-suffering grape growers were rewarded with a copious crop and, for many, a vintage year. […]