Cider Week Rules

By Nancy Bauer Cider Week Rules Back in the eighties, I took a seat at the bar in a London pub. This was before pubs got all tricked out with pendant lights and scrummy snacks. Smoke was thick, beer was warm, and wine was for tossers. I was stymied on a drink choice, but the […]

Fall Into Virginia Wine Month

By Nancy Bauer Fall into Virginia Wine Month This easy day-trip is packed with Blue Ridge wine and dine originals October: the month we savor most. Weekends are reserved for long, meandering rides along Skyline Drive. We leaf peep and pumpkin pick. We inhale deeply, sip instead of gulp. We downshift. Meanwhile, winemakers run around […]

Stop Stealing from Wineries

By Nancy Bauer   STOP STEALING FROM WINERIES   WHAT WOULD YOUR MOTHER SAY?   The cat, well. Everyone agrees that was the worst.   It wasn’t a pet. More of an outside cat, a vineyard cat, if there is such a thing. But it had its peeps: Keswick Vineyards staff, and customers who kept […]

The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Wins 2017 Governor’s Cup

The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Wins 2017 Governor’s Cup ~The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Joins 11 Other Virginia Wines to Comprise the 2017 Governor’s Cup Case ~ Governor Terry McAuliffe awarded the 2017 Virginia Wineries Association’s (VWA) Governor’s Cup to The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards for […]

Virginia is for Wine Lovers!

Virginia is for Wine Lovers!   The landscape and climate of Virginia offers countless choice sites for vineyards. Each of the state’s main regions boast vineyards and wineries. Given Virginia’s varied grape-growing sites with ideal soil conditions, fine wines now come from all over the state.   Spectacular landscapes, picturesque vineyards and fascinating people make […]

Delfosse Vineyards & Winery: Experience the Bucolic Beauty of the Virginia Countryside

DELFOSSE VINEYARDS & WINERY                                                                                 Experience the Bucolic Beauty of the Virginia Countryside Uniquely situated in a secluded valley at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, DelFosse Vineyards and Winery offers serene elegance and intimate charm in an idyllic setting. The winery in Faber is a short distance from Charlottesville, just a brief 30-minute drive. […]

Three Fox Vineyards

By Frank Britt   THREE FOX VINEYARDS A Bit of Tuscany in the Heart of Hunt Country Delaplane, Virginia   At the entrance to Three Fox Vineyards are three stone foxes–Giovanni, Della and Milano. Why Italian names? Because the winery is a bit of Tuscany in the heart of Northern Virginia’s hunt country, offering visitors […]

Can the Shape of the Glass Enhance the Taste of the Wine?

Can the Shape of the Glass Enhance the Taste of the Wine? By Felicity Cloake It doesn’t seem long ago that merely owning wine glasses was enough to mark one out as a sophisticate of the highest order. Such affectations were for professional establishments like the local pub: at home we drank out of cloudy […]

Castle Hill Cider

A refreshing alternative along Virginia’s wine trail. Castle Hill earned a place in the history books on June 3, 1781, when Jack Jouett set off on his perilous 40-mile ride to Charlottesville to warn Thomas Jefferson of an impending British raid. As the story goes, it was at Castle Hill that owners Dr. Thomas and […]

Horton Vineyards

HORTON VINEYARDS A Major Player in Virginia’s Wine Industry Situated along the rolling hills of Orange County just west of Gordonsville, Horton Vineyards is one of the most innovative wineries in the country. Utilizing the latest viticultural techniques, owner Dennis Horton is charting a new generation of wines made from Viognier, the premier grape of […]