Inaugural Maryland Wine Month. Visit St. Mary’s County wineries

Inaugural Maryland Wine Month Visit St. Mary’s County wineries By Bob Tagert           This month marks the first ever Maryland Wine Month. To uncork the month, they will have a calendar on their website consisting of events and activities happening at wineries across the state. They will also launch the Wine Month Challenge! Participants can […]

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

By Doug Fabbioli Kill ‘Em With Kindness As spring approaches, I recognize that we are very fortunate to work in an industry where – overall – things are happy. People like to consume wine and generally they are in good spirits while doing it. Our staff enjoys serving the customers, growing the grapes, and making […]

Let’s get back to science!

By Doug Fabbioli   Let’s get back to science!   The great thing about science is that, to the best of our abilities, humans are able to research, replicate, analyze, study and conclude with relative accuracy, what happens to matter and why. Good scientists need to be able to defend their conclusions but also be […]

A New Year!

Exploring VA Wines By Doug Fabbioli   A New Year! The great part about being a farmer is that the work is never the same on a daily basis. It certainly changes with the season. As the cold weather moves in, the firewood becomes a priority along with propane, exposed water pipes and snow removal […]

The Joys of Owning a Winery

By Doug Fabbioli   The Joys of Owning a Winery! No, we are not on the market! But, there are always a few wineries openly on the market and the underlying story is that every winery is on the market for the right price. There is no question that growing grapes, making wine and selling […]

You’re Winemaker of the Year, Now Act Like it!

By Doug Fabbioli   You’re winemaker of the year, now act like it!   At the Loudoun Wine Awards last month, some of us were recognized for our efforts in the local wine industry. Bonnie Archer is the tireless co-owner of Zephaniah Vineyards and was acknowledged for her hospitality and leadership in the tasting room. […]

Growing our sip!

By Doug Fabbioli Growing our sip! Since October is Virginia Wine Month, I can get a little reflective on the growth and evolution of our industry. We have come a long way from the 70 or so farm wineries that we had back in 1997. The acreage planted has gone up substantially as well as […]

Is the Virginia Red Wine Grape Cabernet Franc?

By Doug Fabbioli   Is the Virginia Red Wine Grape Cabernet Franc?   When I arrived from Northern California 19 years ago, I found a significant amount of Cabernet Franc in the ground here in Virginia. The wines were generally promising but inconsistent. Some of the more challenging wines had green aromas and hard, thin […]

Pokemon. Go?

By Doug Fabbioli A new thing for us and much of the country is the interactive game Pokémon GO. I will be dead honest: I don’t play the game. My wife and 19 year old son play, and I am taking an observational view on this subject. As our winery is on google maps, we […]


By Doug Fabbioli Collaboration Over the years, I have recognized that working with others has numerous benefits. For best results, it is important to make sure you are working with others that understand how to cooperate and collaborate as well as manage your expectations of the results. If you are volunteering on a benevolent effort, […]