Castlebay Irish Pub – Great Eats, Good Craic and Guinness!

By Lani Gering   Castlebay Irish Pub – Great Eats, Good Craic and Guinness!   We decided to step outside of the box a bit with this month’s column. Instead of the “white tablecloth order an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert and a glass of wine” format, we decided to spend an afternoon in […]

The Wharf- Quality Seafood in a Nautical Setting

By Lani Gering   The Wharf – Quality Seafood in a Nautical Setting   The Wharf has been one of Old Town Alexandria’s iconic dining establishments since 1971. Residing in the same block as the other two icons – Landini Brothers and Fish Market – the Wharf maintains a true seaport vibe. The restaurant comes […]

The Sushi Bar

By Bob Tagert   The Sushi Bar Now that the holidays are over and you have probably done your fair share of overindulging, we thought that we would take you to a place that serves “healthy” fare. We are shining the spot light on The Sushi Bar in Del Ray. When Mike Anderson opened his […]

Fish Market Restaurant and Anchor Bar

By Bob Tagert Fish Market Restaurant and the Anchor Bar Eat Fish, Drink Beer, Live Longer! Established in 1976, this month’s restaurant is one of the original eateries that helped put Old Town Alexandria on the map and, is for me, a trip down memory lane. When I came to Old Town in 1977 the […]

RT’s Restaurant

RT’s Restaurant By Bob Tagert   This months’ restaurant takes us away from Old Town and out of the heart of Alexandria to the wilds of Arlandria on Mount Vernon Avenue. RT’s is a short distance from the ever popular Birchmere Music Hall and is pretty much the only place to fine dine in the […]

Society Fair’s Picnic On the Run!

By Lani Gering   Society Fair’s Picnic On the Run!   We are stepping “outside of the box” this month. Instead of making a reservation and ordering a full course meal with all of the white table cloth dining fanfare, we decided to check out what our friends at Society Fair aka The Fair have […]

The Warehouse Bar & Grill: Some of the best Cajun this side of New Orleans

By Bob Tagert   The Warehouse Bar & Grill   With fall right around the corner we thought that we would venture back to the Warehouse Bar & Grill in Old Town. As Old Town has grown over the years, the Warehouse, as well as a handful of other businesses, has been a part of […]

Bond 45 – “Bringing the feeling of old New York to the shores of the Potomac”

By Lani Gering Bond 45 – “Bringing the feeling of old New York to the shores of the Potomac” Bond 45 is located in the heart of National Harbor and is one of the first white table cloth eateries to open after the resort itself finally came in to fruition. The original Bond 45 is […]

Cedar Knoll Restaurant

Cedar Knoll Restaurant   The latest re-opening – December 2015 – of this iconic place was long over-due. Brothers Andrew and Chris Holden, Charlie Blevins, and Neil Wadhwa now head up the new generation of culinary experts that have energized this prime spot. Cedar Knoll had been closed for a few years until recent renovations […]

It’s His Day! Stellar Dining Options to Celebrate Dad!

Restaurants for June 2016 For this months restaurant we thought that we would highlight our favorites and give you a little insight as to what they are. Here in so particular are the best!   Ramparts Tavern & Grill A tradition in Alexandria for over 30 years Ramparts has been a local place serving quality […]