Social Media Fails of 2017

Social Media Fails of 2017   We are only a few months in, and there have already been some hilarious and painful social media fails. Listed below are just a few of the many!   McDonalds: On March 16th the fast food conglomerate tweeted to its 150,000 plus followers, that Donald Trump was “disgusting” and […]

Cat Videos same as Therapy?!

Cat Videos same as Therapy? By Ashley Schultz Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, and Piano Cat are just a few of the viral cat videos that have taken the Internet by storm. Although these videos are entertaining, it has been found that they also provide more than a good laugh.    According to a study by […]

Relationships and Social Media

Relationships and Social Media By Ashley Schultz   Social Media has not only changed the way people express their opinions and the way companies reach out to potential consumers, yet it has also changed the way some significant others relationships either flourish or suffer. Here are some ways that Social Media and Technology in general […]

What to Watch Tonight!

What to Watch Tonight? By Ashley Schultz Social Media has not only become an outlet where political views are expressed or where baby pictures and cat videos can be posted; it has also become a way for people to share their favorite T.V. shows or movies. When I am done with a series on a […]

East Coast Internet Outage…Yikes!

By Ashley Schultz Were you not able to access some popular sites on October 21st? Many sites were unavailable for usage due to a cyber attack. These sites included Amazon, Spotify, Twitter, Netflix, and PayPal. This attack is known as an DDos attack. What is DDos? Distributed Denial of Service, it is an attack when […]

Promotional Pull and Promotional Push Strategies, What is best for your Marketing Campaign?

Promotional Pull and Promotional Push Strategies, What is best for your Marketing Campaign? By Ashley Schultz There are two different promotional strategies to consider when developing your business’ marketing campaign. These strategies are pull and push strategies. What is the best strategy for your business and what does each strategy entail? Push strategy directly places […]

Three Marketing Metrics That Can Make All of the Difference

Have you ever felt like there are a million metrics at your disposal? Page likes, shares, retweets, comments, and the list for social media metrics goes on and on. Then, there are the website metrics: page views, unique number of visitors, page clicks, link-backs, references, etc. How do you know which metrics truly matter? To […]

The Customer is Always Right (on Social Media)

The old customer-service adage, “the customer is always right” is especially true on any social media platform. When a customer has a bad experience in a brick and mortar establishment, the incident can typically be resolved through the immediate intervention of a manager. However, when a customer encounters a bad digital experience the entire world […]

Top 5 Recent Social Media Stats

In keeping with the current social media advice theme of the past few months, I want to share some recent statistics from the gurus over at HubSpot. After all, it is only through performance statistics that we can discover if our campaigns are truly working. 1) 92% of marketers agreed that social media is important for […]

Tailoring Your Social Media Message

In January I wrote about the 2015 outlooks for several of the prominent social media platforms. This month I want to discuss how you can tailor your social media messages to better match current holiday trends. It is no secret that February marks the month in which many retailers will push to have their consumers […]