Cyberbullying By Ashley Schultz Now that school is in full swing; it is more likely that the chance that kids will either be the victim of cyber bullying or be the bully. This issue needs to be heavily addressed. Let us look at some statistics about cyberbullying and see how scary this epidemic actually is. […]

Rules to follow when using Social Media Marketing

Rules to follow when using Social Media Marketing By Ashley Schultz It can be scary and challenging when entering the world of “Social Media” marketing for the 1st time! Success with social media and content marketing requires less talking and more listening. Read your target audience’s online content and join discussions to learn what’s important […]

A SuperFan Visits SuperCon!

By Ashley Schultz A SuperFan Visits SuperCon! This subject is a little off topic for my column, but dedicated to all those that know, “with great power comes great responsibility.” I was able to attend “Supercon” in Raleigh, NC, and it turned me into a blubbering mess. “Supercon” is a three-day festival for fans of […]

What’s with all these #Hashtags?!!

What’s with all these #Hashtags?!! By Ashley Schultz These days there is quite a science behind getting the most out of your social media account to garner more followers and visibility. A major part of that is using hashtags. Let’s discuss what hashtags are and how to figure out the proper ones to use. Hashtags […]

Animal Organizations and Social Media

Animal Organizations and Social Media By Ashley Schultz Since it is “Adopt a Cat” month, I decided to focus this month’s message on how “Social Media” has helped animal organizations with donations, adoptions, volunteer help, and awareness. In the past, in order to find the perfect pets for your family, you would frequent the “Pet […]

Incredible Facebook Stories

Incredible Facebook Stories   By Ashley Schultz   We hear all the time about all these incredible stories that have happened because of social media. This month, we are going to highlight a couple that made headlines!   Caught at the Beach: Natalie Blanchard, a woman from Quebec requested long- term sick leave due to […]

Social Media Fails of 2017

Social Media Fails of 2017   We are only a few months in, and there have already been some hilarious and painful social media fails. Listed below are just a few of the many!   McDonalds: On March 16th the fast food conglomerate tweeted to its 150,000 plus followers, that Donald Trump was “disgusting” and […]

Cat Videos same as Therapy?!

Cat Videos same as Therapy? By Ashley Schultz Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, and Piano Cat are just a few of the viral cat videos that have taken the Internet by storm. Although these videos are entertaining, it has been found that they also provide more than a good laugh.    According to a study by […]

Relationships and Social Media

Relationships and Social Media By Ashley Schultz   Social Media has not only changed the way people express their opinions and the way companies reach out to potential consumers, yet it has also changed the way some significant others relationships either flourish or suffer. Here are some ways that Social Media and Technology in general […]

What to Watch Tonight!

What to Watch Tonight? By Ashley Schultz Social Media has not only become an outlet where political views are expressed or where baby pictures and cat videos can be posted; it has also become a way for people to share their favorite T.V. shows or movies. When I am done with a series on a […]