Christmas: More the Evergreens

By Jimmy Deaton   Here we are just a few short weeks away from being visited by ol’ Saint Nick and we are decorating the inside of the house to celebrate the festive season. There are many plants that are sold during the holidays to enhance the festive decor while entertaining. I plan on touching […]

Growing Citrus Indoors

Growing Citrus Indoors It seems every year we get the shipment of limes and Meyers lemons into the garden center and folks go into a buying frenzy. And you know what? They have every right to do so. There is nothing like a fresh picked lime or lemon to use in food preparation or making […]

Rootless Wonders

By Farmer D   Rootless Wonders Tillandsia Bromeliads, also known as “Air” plants, or the lesser known name “Sky” plant, are the rootless wonders of the plant world. Some of the species do have roots, but these are used primarily to anchor the plants in place. Air plants take up moisture and their nutritional needs […]

Cacti and Succulents

By Farmer D Cacti and Succulents A little history: A geologic drama occurring slowly over a period of @ 20 million years is credited for the emergence of cacti. About 60 million years ago in the pre-cacti stage, the regions of Mexico, the American southwest as well as Southern Brazil which are now rich in […]

The Zen of Gardening

By Jimmy Deaton aka Farmer D This month I’m not going to focus on tips and tricks or what we have accomplished and haven’t for that matter in the garden. I want to focus on what gardening does for one’s soul whether it is in the form of veggie gardening, growing flowers, taking care of […]

Color in the Garden

Farmer Jimmy Deaton, our regular Urban Garden columnist, is taking the month of June off for some much needed R&R. Look for his sage advice for keeping your garden in top shape during the summer in the July issue. In the meantime, here are a few June gardening tasks and projects that you can do […]

Tips and Tricks

By Farmer Jimmy Deaton Tips and Tricks   I thought this month we would focus on some of the tips and tricks that I use around the garden to make life a little bit easier and also lend a hand on getting massive plants. For a majority of vegetables I take 1 gallon nursery pots […]

Going Vertica….or getting the most from your small footprint of space!

By Jimmy Deaton   Going Vertica….or getting the most from your small footprint of space!   Living in certain parts in the City of Alexandria can leave one challenged on what they can grow and how much. But a search of the internet can leave you with a multitude of ideas to conquer that patio […]

Organic Fertilizers

By Jimmy Deaton All plants need oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, which they get from the air, sunlight and water. And they need these in great quantities but they also need nutrients. Most folks go to the neighborhood garden center to pick up what they need but do you really know and understand what it is […]

Mini Love!

By Jimmy Deaton Ahhh……It’s February and time for old Cupid to make his presence known once again. Of course a majority of guys will fall on the old standard of a dozen cut roses to surprise their better half, but I found something that outshines a dozen red tips any day of the week. And […]