Li Vita Perfetta

Lori Welch Brown   La Vita Perfetta   Since we last spoke, my husband XXL and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. And, they said we’d never make it! I turned the big 5-0. And, they said I’d never make it! To commemorate both these extraordinary accomplishments, we spent two weeks in la bella Italia—which […]

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities   So I started writing September’s column with a long ramble about the dog days of summer probably because the actual details of my summer are already a blur. What a scorcher, huh?! Oy the weather. This heat is unbearable. It’s a sweat-fest up in here. How did it get to be September […]

Summer Camp

By Lori Welch Brown Summer Camp I missed out on summer camp as a kid. Not sure if my parents couldn’t afford it or it just wasn’t a ‘thing’ in their social circles or maybe it was a Northern thing. I don’t think I even knew what I had missed out on until I was […]

Hail to the Bacon Guy

By Lori Welch Brown Hail to the Bacon Guy Growing up, I was fortunate to be raised by a stay-at-home Mom. She was no June Cleaver by any stretch, but she did a pretty darned good job of keeping us in line. She took care of the house, the kids, the shopping, the cleaning, the […]

The Softening

By Lori Welch Brown The Softening Since around the age of five, I’ve been told that I’m too ‘sensitive.’ Even if it started out on a good note, “honey—you’re so caring and sensitive” it could later get spinned and used against me in the court of relationship law, i.e., whenever I expressed emotion or pushed […]

Girl Crush

By Lori Welch Brown Girl Crush Hate to admit it, but I have a lot of girl crushes. Funny—my brothers probably aren’t surprised by this news. They grew a little concerned when their baby sister was still woefully single at 25, 35 and 45. Pretty sure they spent the better part of the ‘90s waiting […]

Mashed, Men and The Meaning of It All

By Lori Welch Brown   Mashed, Men and The Meaning of It All For me, I like mashed potatoes. Doesn’t really matter what’s in them, how ‘mashed’ they are, if the potatoes are Iowa or Idaho, or even if the potatoes are real or instant for that matter. I like everything about them—the flavor, the […]

Pink Hearts, Red Roses and Jailed Lovers

By Lori Welch Brown Pink Hearts, Red Roses and Jailed Lovers Seems like just yesterday I was pulling out my pine cones and dusting off my angel to put atop my tree, and now I am staring down an aisle of dark chocolate and lace. Hooray, hooray—it’s Valentine’s Day! My favorite holiday of all time! […]

Happy New Year, More or Less

By Lori Welch Brown I haven’t been a fun person to be around lately. I’ve been whiny, moody, impatient, scattered, exhausted, manic, indecisive, FEEL FREE TO STOP ME ANY TIME. Okay—so I’m a horrible, evil person and I should probably be hanged in Market Square. Or—maybe instead I should work out, cut back on the […]


By Lori Welch I vividly remember when the itch of womanhood came knocking. It was 1976, and I was a fifth grader in Mrs. Matt’s class. I was a September baby so I was usually the youngest one in my grade level which is probably why to this day I still consider myself a bit […]