Personal Freedoms

By Lori Welch Brown Personal Freedoms As we celebrate the 4th, I give gratitude for all my freedoms. As an American, I have a veritable smorgasbord at my disposal. It’s an embarrassment of riches. I have more personal freedoms than Kardashians have Spanx. Every day I wake up to a plethora of choices. Whole bean, […]

Social Me(dia) the Love

By Lori Welch Brown Social Me(dia) the Love Public Service Announcement (PSA) No. 1002-32-A7: To those of you who may be confused, granting someone a ‘like’—or, even better, a ‘heart’—does not constitute a real, honest-to-goodness social interaction. If you are friends (or even family), you must, at a minimum, pick up your smartphone and text […]

A Colorful Life

By Lori Welch Brown   A Colorful Life A friend of mine passed unexpectedly a couple of months ago. It was a shock, but he had endured many years of suffering and pain. I’m 51 so it wasn’t my first encounter with grief, but it reminded me that you can never really prepare yourself for […]

Spring Forth in Hope

By Lori Welch Brown Spring Forth in Hope   The book has closed on the first quarter of the year and tax season is in full swing. Your fools’ jokes have been played. The Easter bunny came a little early this year—felt early, right?! Tucked behind those Cadbury eggs and malted milk balls is some […]

Little Flakes Everywhere

By Lori Welch Brown Little Flakes Everywhere It can take a real effort not to be blue when the sun hasn’t shone it’s pretty face in days—which seems like weeks, by the way. So much tragedy and strife in the world. More crime. More sexual harassment charges. More political nonsense. I was having my own […]

Love is a 4-Letter Word

By Lori Welch Brown Love is a 4-Letter Word If you’re looking for love, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Keep walking past those cute little pink heart Valentines, pass right on by the fuchsia thongs blinged out with “You’re Mine,” hang a left at the flavored love lotions and edible whatevers and […]

Upgrade Available: iNY v.2018

By Lori Welch   Upgrade Available: iNY v.2018     The last of the sugar cookies have been eaten, and the decorations stored away. The holiday presents have been stuffed into their respective drawers, closets and cupboards. The Amazon deliveries are back down to a respectable three times a week vs. 19 times a day. […]

A Peaceful, Easy Feelin’

Open Space By Lori Welch Brown   A Peaceful, Easy Feelin’     This time of year when somebody wishes me ‘peace’ my mind says, “yes—I’ll have another. But just a small one—I don’t want to look like Mrs. Claus.” Peace be with you. Easier said than done, right? Especially during the hectic holiday season […]

Shining a Light on Darkness

By Lori Welch Brown Shining a Light on Darkness Like me, I’m sure your heart is breaking over the recent attack in Las Vegas. For the life of me, I cannot get my brain around how someone could open fire into a crowd of innocent people. How did it happen? WHY did it happen? And […]

The SMART of Letting Go

By Lori Welch Brown The SMART of Letting Go I have issues, but just not 1,200 back issues of National Geographic or some other noteworthy publication which seems to be more common than you might expect. Granted, I have my own issues around ‘letting go,’ but they are more around people and relationships vs. periodicals. […]