A Peaceful, Easy Feelin’

Open Space By Lori Welch Brown   A Peaceful, Easy Feelin’     This time of year when somebody wishes me ‘peace’ my mind says, “yes—I’ll have another. But just a small one—I don’t want to look like Mrs. Claus.” Peace be with you. Easier said than done, right? Especially during the hectic holiday season […]

Shining a Light on Darkness

By Lori Welch Brown Shining a Light on Darkness Like me, I’m sure your heart is breaking over the recent attack in Las Vegas. For the life of me, I cannot get my brain around how someone could open fire into a crowd of innocent people. How did it happen? WHY did it happen? And […]

The SMART of Letting Go

By Lori Welch Brown The SMART of Letting Go I have issues, but just not 1,200 back issues of National Geographic or some other noteworthy publication which seems to be more common than you might expect. Granted, I have my own issues around ‘letting go,’ but they are more around people and relationships vs. periodicals. […]

A Label-Less World

By Lori Welch Brown   A Label-Less World As a professional organizer and Virgo, I love labels. They can magically transform a closet or file cabinet. Labels work great for sifting through piles and identifying ‘like’ things. The Container Store has made a business out of categorizing and labeling. Praise be to bins and label […]

Gloat & Tell

By Lori Welch Brown Gloat & Tell I love hearing about everyone’s summer plans, travels and adventures. It’s a throw back to elementary school when everyone showed up the Tuesday after Labor Day sporting their brand spankin’ new lunch boxes, and the teachers soft rolled you into the curriculum by giving you the floor to […]

Spark to a Flame

By Lori Welch Brown Spark to a Flame Not sure what all the 4th of July hoopla is all about. Wanna see fireworks? Walk in my shoes for a few days. I’ve got fireworks happening in this 50 year old body non-stop. Some days it’s a full-blown Capitol tribute up in here. Lately my job […]

Good to Great

By Lori Welch Brown Good to Great Many of you loyal readers may remember that I wrote the Single Space column for the Old Town Crier for about a century. That might be an exaggeration, but trust that it was a long, long time. Let’s just say that I was the resident dating expert or […]

You’re KIDding me, right?!

By Lori Welch Brown   You’re KIDding me, right?!   I am the youngest of four, and the only girl. I’ve been the ‘baby’ of the family my entire life. To cement this fact and for reasons unbeknownst to me, pretty much everywhere I’ve worked, I’ve been referred to as the ‘kid.’ Somehow, this title […]

An Ordinary Luxury

By Lori Welch Brown   An Ordinary Luxury   On a recent Saturday morning as I was deciding whether or not to use tap or distilled water in my Neti pot, another woman was attempting to absorb the news that her only daughter had died of a heroin overdose just hours before. I’m aware of […]

March Madness

By Lori Welch Brown March Madness Ever feel like your current situation is never going to change? That you’ll be stuck exactly where you are in this moment—whatever this moment is—Your abysmally single moment? Your pathetically broke butt, no money in your account, moment? Your pants don’t fit no matter how much you suck it […]