The Sun, the Moon and the Stars – Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

By Janine Breyel The Sun, the Moon and the Stars – Ocracoke Island, North Carolina A trip to Ocracoke Island, like other things of value, requires some effort.  From the DC area it is a little more than a four hour drive to reach the beginning of the Outer Banks in North Carolina (I-64 to […]

Fairy Houses, Gnome Homes & More

By Bob Tagert Fairy Houses, Gnome Homes & More Annmarie Sculpture Garden – Solomons, Maryland After two months of home confinement, the world is getting a little brighter and if you think the time to get away is at hand, this is a great spring/summer destination. Just like in Alexandria, there are still limited openings […]

North, South, East or West & All Points In Between

By Bob Tagert and Lani Gering North, South, East or West & All Points In Between This whole virus thing has really “put a cog in the wheel” of our daily lives for the most part. It hasn’t, however, prevented us from getting in our vehicle and taking a *drive. We are fortunate enough to […]

Get Out and Take a Drive

By Bob Tagert Get Out and Take a Drive In these uncertain times when we don’t know what the rules are next week, we thought it a good idea and take a drive just to get out of the house. Make no mistake about it…I strongly support the idea of social distancing and that is […]

Famous for the Oysters and not the Oscars!

By Bob Tagert Famous for the Oysters and not the Oscars! Hollywood, Maryland This month we decided to go south to Hollywood, Maryland in St. Mary’s County – it is a straight shot down Rte 5 to 235 from the Beltway. Just follow the signs to St. Mary’s. It was named in 1867, when a […]

Wintertime at the Beach

By Bob Tagert Wintertime at the Beach For those of us who grew up in this area, summers always meant a trip to the Atlantic Ocean. Back in the mid-sixties we all went to Ocean City, Maryland. The ocean was always something you could depend on. It never changed and was always consistent…always waiting for […]

Our 2019 Road Adventures

By Bob Tagert As is our custom for our January road trip we do a recap of our adventures in 2019. Obviously I can’t write about January 2019 because that was a recap of 2018, so we will start with February: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The drive is only about 2 1/2 hours and takes you […]

The Shenandoah Valley and Muse Vineyards and Winery

By Bob Tagert The Shenandoah Valley and Muse Vineyards and Winery This month we decided to return to the Shenandoah Valley and make the beautiful Muse Vineyard and Winery as our goal. For the past two years we have written about our friends, The Eastport Oysters Boys, a band of locals from Annapolis and Eastport, […]

Annapolis, Maryland and the Wednesday Night Races

By Bob Tagert Annapolis, Maryland and the Wednesday Night Races I have sailed into Annapolis Harbor for many years, mostly on my sailboat but also on others including the 125 foot Schooner Alexandria. The sight of the U.S. Naval Academy has never failed to impress me as well as the sheer number of sailboats on […]

Leonardtown, Maryland – “A Most Convenient Place”

By Bob Tagert Leonardtown, Maryland – “A Most Convenient Place” With all of the heat we have endured this past month we thought we would keep the road trip close to home and take a nice hour-and-a-half drive to Leonardtown, in Southern Maryland. You can take the road most traveled and drive down Route 5 […]