Adopting a Pet: What to Ask Yourself First

Adopting a Pet: What to Ask Yourself First   By Lily Walker     There’s an old pop song that asks, “How much is that doggie in the window?” The person posing the question is thinking about getting a dog, based on the pup’s waggly tail. We fall in love with animals and want to […]

Kitten Season: Too Much of a Good Thing? Some Ways to Help

Kitten Season: Too Much of a Good Thing? Some Ways to Help   By Sarah Liu When I started volunteering at a local animal shelter, I kept hearing a curious phrase: “We’ve had a really great winter, but Kitten Season is right around the corner.” “We need to find more foster homes before Kitten Season […]

Pet Insurance: What Are Your Best Options?

Pet Insurance: What Are Your Best Options? By Jason Edinger Ah, insurance: the bane of existence because of its necessity, but a lifesaver when you need it. Regardless of how you feel about it, pet insurance is essentially the same thing: You are paying for a service you hope your pet will never need. Once […]

Senior Pets: When Older Can Be Even Better

Senior Pets: When Older Can Be Even Better By Jason Berger Thinking about adopting a pet? How about adopting a senior animal? The American Veterinary Medical Association considers cats and small dogs senior at age 7, while larger breeds of dog are seniors at age 6. And senior animals often have many healthy years ahead […]

Dealing with end of life decisions

By Sarah Liu & Cindy McGovern Dealing with end of life decisions If a basic principle of medicine is “First, do no harm,” then a basic principle of pet ownership may be, “First, don’t let them suffer.” Knowing if and when to consider euthanasia for an ill or elderly pet is one of the most […]

Welcome Home! How to Introduce a New Pet

Welcome Home! How to Introduce a New Pet   By Sarah Liu and Steph Selice   Humans who love their pets often want more than one. How can we help our animals make new friends at home so everyone will be happy?   To learn about how to handle pet introductions, we talked with Janet […]

Pet Allergies – They Have Them Too.

Pet Allergies – They Have Them Too. By: Sarah Liu As many volunteers in a shelter environment can attest, one of the saddest reasons for owner surrender is lack of information on how to deal with a pet’s allergies. While most people are familiar with the occurrence of pet allergies in humans, comparatively few know […]

Spotlight on Exotic Pets: How about a Lizard?

Spotlight on Exotic Pets: How about a Lizard? By Sarah Liu   So you want a pet, but cats, dogs, guinea pigs, birds – they just aren’t the right fit? The apartment is too small? The maintenance is too much? You’re allergic? Just not interested in bunnies or puppies? These are all legitimate roadblocks in […]

Summer Safety with Pets

Summer Safety with Pets By Kimberly Gill & Sarah Liu The summer season is finally upon us! The curtain has closed on the blues of winter and the sun has taken center stage. The days have grown longer, warmer, and are filled with adventure. As we soak up the summer sun, there are a few […]

Pets and Vacations, Three Options

By Sarah Liu Pets and Vacations, Three Options With school out and warmer weather, it’s time for vacation. But what about your beloved pets while you are away? Below, we consider three options: The Trusted Friend Asking a friend to provide care in her own home or at the pet’s home, can be an economical […]