Savings Strategies for the Gig Economy

Financial Focus By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Savings Strategies for the Gig Economy If you’re one of the growing legions of gig workers, freelancers, or commission-based employees, your income stream might feel a bit like a roller coaster. And that can make it tough to save for retirement. “More and more people are participating […]

The West River and Beyond

The West River and Beyond   When we started the Old Town Crier thirty years ago, after each month’s delivery, we had a few days to take a break. These were mostly day trips although sometimes it was not advisable to drive back that night. One of our favorite destinations was the West River and […]

Pets of the Month

Coco – Domestic Short Hair, Grey Tabby, Neutered Male, Adult Coco will always say hello to new friends! He greets anyone who stops by his office with his special meow and loves chin scratches and neck pets. Coco took a little time to come out of his shell when he arrived at the shelter, but […]

On The Road

Alexandria native, Greg Rucker takes the OTC to Ketchikan, Alaska! Greg accompanied his fiancée to the “Salmon Capital” of the world. While she attended job related functions, Greg was enjoying the sites and scenes – everything from salmon and lumberjacks, to seals and bears. He brought along something from home to keep him company – […]

Create a Healthy Foundation for Fall Plantings|

By Melinda Myers Create a Healthy Foundation for Fall Plantings| Fall is a great time to start a garden or renovate an existing planting bed. The soil is warm while the air is cool – a perfect combination for establishing new plantings. It is also a great time to prepare gardens for the next planting […]

Service animal or emotional support animal? There is a Big Difference.

By Cindy McGovern Service animal or emotional support animal? There is a Big Difference. “Thousands of blind like me abhor being dependent on others. Help me and I will help them. Train me and I will bring back my dog and show people here how a blind man can be absolutely on his own. We […]

Gift Me This

by Lori Welch Brown Gift Me This While many of you may be focused on back-to-school activities, I am focused on MY BIRTHDAY. Yes—that’s right. I’ve made it another turn around the sun so let the herald angels sing, “AMEN!” Woot. Woot! I’ve always loved birthdays! “Bring on the cake!” I say. Pink says, “Get […]

Snakeheads, a Protected Species?

By Steve Chaconas Snakeheads, a Protected Species? More divisive than politics, debates over whether Potomac River Northern Snakeheads should be a protected sport fish lit up social media pages after being ignited by a Washington Post Op Ed by John Mathwin. In 2004, Frankenfish frenzy covered pages and TV screens across the country. Even the […]

How to Avoid and Correct Tax Issues

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce How to Avoid and Correct Tax Issues Nobody likes unexpected tax bills or IRS penalties. So how can you minimize the possibility of errors on your return? And if an error does still slip through, what then? In both cases, it’s often a matter of paying close attention to […]

Girl Gone Bad

By Lori Welch Brown Girl Gone Bad Life is about making good decisions every day. I know this to be true, yet when faced with options, I typically tend to lean toward the one with the most calories and/or the one that will make me feel the absolute worst. Carrots or chips? Chips! Sparkling water […]