My Favorite Summertime Spot – Solomons Island, MD

By Bob Tagert My Favorite Summertime Spot – Solomons Island, MD There is a reason to write about Solomons Island this time of year. Number one: warm weather is here and Solomons is where the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay meet. My sailboat is in a slip at Calvert Marina so I happen to […]

Consider a Simple Investment Strategy to Help Reduce Guesswork

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Consider a Simple Investment Strategy to Help Reduce Guesswork For most investors, the key to success is simple: Buy low and sell high. But how often have you seen this scenario played out? (You may have done it yourself.) • When the market is up, an investor feels good […]

On The Road

Three generations of Unverzagt men celebrate Father’s Day “month” on E-Spear Farms in Lingle, Wyoming. Longtime Old Town Crier subscribers, these guys take a break to check out what’s happening in the Northern VA area. From Left to Right, Willy, his son Mason and father Dave. Anyone know what it is that they are leaning on?

On The Road

The Old Town Crier seems to be very popular with our kids from Colorado. Last month Bob’s great nieces and nephews who reside in Erie submitted their pics and this month Lani’s great niece – who lives in Eaton with our From the Trainer author, Ryan Unverzagt – decided she wasn’t going to be upstaged. Pictured here with her […]

Four Ways to Invest More Confidently in a Volatile Market

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce When financial markets fluctuate, even the calmest investors can start to question their financial strategies. But volatile markets can present opportunities, says Tracie McMillion, head of global asset allocation strategy for Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII). “Financial markets are frequently volatile—that’s their nature,” she says. “Over longer periods of […]

How to Grow Corn Poppies – Six Easy Steps Corn poppies, (Papaver rhoeas), also known as Flanders poppies, field poppies or Shirley poppies, are hardy annuals with vividly colored, papery red, pink or white blooms that rise above lacy foliage. The fuzzy stems reach heights of 2 feet and more at maturity. Easily grown by […]

Adopting a Pet with Special Needs

Adopting a Pet with Special Needs What does it mean to adopt a pet with special needs? Adopting and caring for a pet with special needs can be quite a rewarding experience and often not as harrowing as imagined. Pets with special needs come in all shapes and sizes with varying needs. Some experience mental […]

Pets of the Month

Rocky, Young, Male, Black Mouse Rocky might not be a flying squirrel but he’s still quite the jokester!  He’s working on his standup comedy routine, starting with comments on the weather – “I’m not going outside!  It’s raining cats and dogs!” – and riff at his friends – “Mickey sounds like he could use some […]

Veterans Day and D.C.’s Memorials

By Bob Tagert Veterans Day and D.C.’s Memorials This month we decided it would be a great opportunity to revisit the war memorials and military memorials in our Nations Capital area. The crisp fall is perfect for a brisk walk around D.C. and most of the tourists are gone or certainly in smaller numbers. Also, […]

A Tribe of Her Own

By Lori Welch Brown A Tribe of Her Own I pride myself on being a girl’s girl.  The friendships I’ve built with other females have sustained me my entire life.  I grew up with three brothers so I wasn’t born into a sisterhood, but I learned early on that a girl tribe was important to […]