Not So Fine Print

By Steve Chaconas Not So Fine Print Boaters would never intentionally go up a creek without a paddle. But they might be setting a course without proper insurance coverage. As an avid boater who also uses a boat for business, complete coverage is essential to my business and peace of mind. But sifting through coverages […]

Goal-based Insurance Strategies Can Help Strengthen Your Portfolio

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Goal-based Insurance Strategies Can Help Strengthen Your Portfolio Similar to your investments, your insurance needs and related strategies change over time. As part of a smart financial strategy, it’s critical to review and adjust coverage at different life stages to make sure that you’re protected. “I refer to insurance […]

On The Road

Former Alexandria residents who transported themselves to Kitty Hawk took the OTC on their latest adventure. Here with Bogie, their favorite bartender on the Viking ship Forseti, Charlie and Sandi Collum share the OTC with all on board. The Collums spent three weeks in France recently aboard two Viking longships and they always make it […]

Three Tips for Pursuing an Active Retirement

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Three Tips for Pursuing an Active Retirement Retirement today is active—a time to reinvent yourself, pursue your passions, or do the work that you find especially rewarding. The freedom to do that requires careful planning, says Will Larson, Retirement Planning Strategist for Wells Fargo Advisors. Here, he provides his […]

The Slug… Your Adversary

The Slug… Your Adversary Slugs may be a very serious problem to you if you live in moisture-laden areas of the country. A single “lawn prawn” can successfully remove an entire row of seedlings from your garden in no time at all. He can turn a perfect plant into Swiss cheese over night and return […]

Pets of the Month

Princess, Adult, Spayed Female, White Short-haired Rabbit No need to bow to Princess, although an offering of hay is always appreciated. This little lady puts on no airs when meeting her new friends. Though she can be a little shy at first, this social lady loves to be surrounded by her people. Princess comes right up to […]

Plan Now for a Summer of Fun with your Pet

Plan Now for a Summer of Fun with your Pet By Cindy McGovern While summer can be a season of fun and relaxation for us, it can be a season of stress and danger for your pets.  Whether it’s fireworks, thunderstorms, heat, or barbecue grills, a little preparation and planning will keep your loved ones […]

Fishing with Federals

By Steve Chaconas Fishing with Federals Fishing’s my job. I enjoy my job. Meeting new people and getting to try my jokes on them is rewarding. I seldom take time to fish with friends. It’s sad that I’m unable to do the thing I enjoy the most with the people I enjoy the most. But that […]

Born in the USA

By Lori Welch Brown Born in the USA I am blessed with an embarrassing wealth of freedom and independence.  When I think of freedom, I think of my ability to take an art class on a Wednesday morning, get a manicure during the work day or accept an invite for a Girl’s Night Out.  Most […]

Tomorrow Never Knows

By Lori Welch Brown Tomorrow Never Knows My family took a big hit recently with the loss of my oldest brother, Phil.  Actually—I think the ripple effects extend far beyond our family as he had a work family, a church family, a baseball family, a coaching family, etc.  He had childhood friends and new chemo […]