Navigating Life w/Dad

By Lori Welch Brown Navigating Life w/Dad I enjoyed a great, middle-class childhood.  It wasn’t perfect, but my three brothers and I transitioned to adulthood without a single appearance on Dateline and no one in the Prince William County police force knows us on a first-name basis.  I didn’t raise any children, but I know […]

On the Road

On the way back to Colorado from lots of fun in the sun on the beach in Venice, Florida, Adalie, Violet and Wyatt Kutta take a couple of minutes to catch up on what is happening in their Great Uncle Bob’s corner of the world while waiting for their flight. The “Kutta Kids” belong to […]

When Bunnies and Chicks Become Rabbits and Chickens: The Reality of Easter Pets — Cheryl L. Burns

By Cheryl L. Burns When Bunnies and Chicks Become Rabbits and Chickens: The Reality of Easter Pets — Cheryl L. Burns Having been a volunteer for King Street Cats for more than two years, I can tell you without a doubt that some of the world’s most powerful words are: “But, Mom [or Dad], look […]

Twelve Must Plant Pollinator-Friendly Flowers 

Echinacea PowWow Wild Berry is a perennial that provides continual bloom without deadheading or grooming. Photo credit:  All-America Selections Twelve Must Plant Pollinator-Friendly Flowers  By Melinda Myers Fill your garden with colorful annuals you and the pollinators can enjoy all season long. Look for outstanding varieties chosen by All-America Selections (AAS), a non-profit plant trialing organization, […]

On The Road

Lucia Coffey, soon to be Mrs. Chris Pearmund, relaxes near the beach at Placenia, Belize on a pre-honeymoon trial excursion.  This photo was very fittingly taken on Valentine’s Day. Along with this photo Chris muses, “Alexandria to Belize…the oceans connect but they are worlds apart.” Pearmund is the proprietor of Pearmund Cellars and managing partner […]

Pets of the Month

Pets of the Month Cali, Spayed Female, Senior, Calico, Domestic Shorthair Cali will warm your heart and your home with her presence and affection.  She will be absolutely devoted to her humans, especially the ones who know where the treats are. This older calico girl needs a bit of extra attention and care from her […]

Your Estate Planning Checklist: 10 Documents to Get Started

By Carl Trevison and Stephen Bearce Your Estate Planning Checklist: 10 Documents to Get Started If you’ve been dragging your feet when it comes to estate planning, you aren’t alone. According to a 2017 survey by*, nearly six out of 10 American adults lack even basic estate-planning documents. Even if you’ve put some documents […]

The Senior Cat:  Striving for Longevity

By Jaime Stephens The Senior Cat:  Striving for Longevity The average life expectancy of an indoor cat is between 15-16 years, with females generally living one to two years longer than males. The Siamese and Manx breeds frequently surpass the average. This is why I was surprised when my ten year old tuxedo, the youngest […]

Logging for Bass

By Steve Chaconas Logging for Bass Effective angling starts with gathering information. The internet, magazines and classroom tutorials like Bass University yield details discovered well in advance of the waypoint generation.  In the late 70s angling pioneers took mental and written log notes transforming them into an art form. Ranger Mercury pro Dave Lefebre entered […]

Plant Lilies for a Summer Garden of Elegant and Fragrant Blooms

Plant Lilies for a Summer Garden of Elegant and Fragrant Blooms By Melinda Myers Kaveri lilies bloom mid-summer and enliven gardens with their golden yellow petals painted with tangerine and burgundy. Photo credit: Lilies add long-lasting color and fragrance to flower gardens and summer bouquets. These stately flowers provide vertical interest and blend nicely with […]