Fishing Adds Up For St. Jude Children’s Hospital

By Steve Chaconas Fishing Adds Up For St. Jude Children’s Hospital Sports are measured in numbers. Games are determined by inches. Clocks run out. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Americans are always keeping score. On 7-7-17, 127 anglers took to the waters of the Potomac and by the end of the fishing […]

What’s the Limit?

By Steve Chaconas   What’s the Limit?   I witnessed stocked trout fishing with curiosity, never participating. This isn’t “A River Runs Through It”, or “On Golden Pond”. It could be “Grumpy Old Men”, but the water isn’t frozen. West Virginia grows trout and stocks nearly a million fish a year for anglers to catch. […]

Oh no, not another tie!

By Steve Chaconas   Oh no, not another tie!   Dude, don’t get Dad another tie! He might wear it…only when you are in town or when you mention it. He really dreads having to tie one on for you! It’s Father’s Day, put a bit of thought into the gift for the guy who […]

Lower Ramp Fees for Fisherman

By Steve Chaconas   Lower Ramp Fees for Fishermen   Tournament boat launching fees have been reduced at Leesylvania State Park. An “extra” $2 fee has been levied on tournament boaters in Virginia for 10 years; however, on March 13 it was dropped.   No one is really sure why the fee was levied in […]

Hauling Bass

By Steve Chaconas   Hauling Bass   Haul seining doesn’t come up in conversation unless you’re chatting with Potomac River guide Capt. George Martin.   In 2015, Capt. Martin observed the practice of staking one end of a long net and dragging it out to the end and then making a loop to return to […]

Potomac Prognostication

By Steve Chaconas   Potomac Prognostication   The Potomac River Fisheries Commission held its third annual symposium to discuss the status of the Potomac River largemouth bass fishery. Virginia, DC, and Maryland provided a look at the fishery management mosaic and opened a dialog for regulatory consistency. The latest fisheries data was revealed to members […]

Grass Comeback

By Steve Chaconas   Grass Comeback For Tidal Potomac bass fishing, find grass, find bass. Subaquatic vegetation comes in many species, taking root in shallow flats, bays and creeks. This changes every season, but one thing is sure, milfoil is the preferred grass for bass and bass anglers.   Native grass like water celery would […]

Arresting Angler

By Steve Chaconas   Formerly pursuing bad guys, DC police officer Jeff Greene is now chasing fish on the Upper Potomac River. His squad car has been replaced by a jet drive fishing boat designed for the shallow rocky waters just outside DC. No more issuing tickets. Instead, the guide creates fishing memories.   Why […]

My Fly is Open

By Steve Chaconas   My Fly is Open   The best thing about an annual fishing trip is that it takes place every year. After fishing 200 days a year on the Potomac River, venturing to new water is always exciting and a new challenge.   The Upper James River winds its way through southwest […]

No Fishing on the Potomac River

By Steve Chaconas   No Fishing on the Potomac River Catch and Return or no fishing areas were defeated in last month’s Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDDNR) Black Bass Advisory Subcommittee (BBAS). On the table were possible open-ended closures of entire creeks like Piscataway and portions of other Potomac and Upper Chesapeake Bay creeks. […]