Cyber Fishing

By Steve Chaconas Cyber Fishing National bass fishing magazines used to be the end all source for fishing information. The best writers and photographers shared secrets of the pros, the top 10 ways to fish any technique, and strategies for every season. These collections provided resources to improve angling success. However, the top publication, Bassmasters […]

Striped bass fishing cuts to hit Bay anglers harder than watermen

By Timothy B. Wheeler Striped bass fishing cuts to hit Bay anglers harder than watermen Critics question Maryland plan for ending overfishing, which also goes easier on charter boats Anglers in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries will be limited to landing just one striped bass a day under new rules approved this week by […]

The River Runs Through It

The River Runs Through It By Steve Chaconas The Tidal Potomac River largemouth bass fishery is the most popular in the Mid-Atlantic region and the United States. In its 63 mile run from Washington, DC to the Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac runs through 3 jurisdictions, 4 including the Potomac River Fisheries Commission. Over several decades […]

Consumption Assumption

By Steve Chaconas Consumption Assumption Blue catfish were introduced into the Potomac River as a gamefish in the 70s and 80s. Capitol Catfishing Captain Jason Kintner operates a year-round trophy catfish charter business. Can you eat blue catfish out of the Potomac River? Yes and not really. The River flows through the District of Columbia, […]

Fishing for Holiday Gifts?

By Steve Chaconas Fishing for Holiday Gifts? Shopping for anglers is frustrating; but for the person on the receiving end, there’s a guaranteed stint in the return line! Choose gifts for on and off the water! Sport team logos on hoodies might show team spirit but won’t hold up. Walls has manufactured work wear, western […]

Angling Insight

By Steve Chaconas Angling Insight Fishing involves a collection of skills. Basically a fishing triangle is comprised of the base, which is casting, then lure presentation, and angling skills. Accuracy, distance and the ability to make these casts from different angles takes practice, but fundamentals can get anyone started and up to a high level […]

Annual Fly By

By Steve Chaconas Annual Fly By An annual fishing trip has to take place and scheduled about the same place and time every year, and with the same buddy.  This summer’s trip to the Lynchburg area certainly qualified. Not many occasions require setting the alarm for 2:30 AM to embark to southwest Virginia, five hours […]

Not So Fine Print

By Steve Chaconas Not So Fine Print Boaters would never intentionally go up a creek without a paddle. But they might be setting a course without proper insurance coverage. As an avid boater who also uses a boat for business, complete coverage is essential to my business and peace of mind. But sifting through coverages […]

Fishing with Federals

By Steve Chaconas Fishing with Federals Fishing’s my job. I enjoy my job. Meeting new people and getting to try my jokes on them is rewarding. I seldom take time to fish with friends. It’s sad that I’m unable to do the thing I enjoy the most with the people I enjoy the most. But that […]

Oh no, not another tie!

By Steve Chaconas Oh no, not another tie! Dude, don’t get Dad another tie! He might wear it…only when you’re in town or when you mention it. He really dreads having to tie one on for you! It’s Father’s Day, put a bit of thought into the gift for the guy who was always thinking […]