Aladdin – The Christmas Camel – Is On the Farm

By Lani Gering Aladdin – The Christmas Camel – Is On the Farm While we love our two legged celebrities – the likes of Barney Barnwell who was featured in the November issue – there is something about a 4 legged dromedary that has graced the grounds of Historic Mount Vernon during the holidays for […]

Barney Barnwell is Passin’ It On!

By Lori Welch Brown Barney Barnwell is Passin’ It On! Life is so busy that you barely have time for a yoga class let alone time to get to know your neighbors, right? Sure you wave as you drive past, buy Girl Scout cookies from their daughter, pass out Halloween candy to their lil’ goblins […]

Michael Strutton – Music Man by Night, Entrepreneur by Day

By Bob Tagert Michael Strutton – Music Man by Night, Entrepreneur by Day As I have said before, by writing this column I have met many interesting folks over the past 29 years, and this month is no exception. When I heard that the former Trattoria da Franco Restaurant here in Old Town Alexandria had […]

Linda K. Glover- It ain’t about the dress.

By Bob Tagert Linda K. Glover- It ain’t about the dress. I have said it numerous times, “Ever since we started writing about personalities thirty years ago, I am continually amazed how many interesting folks we have met”. We have met them everywhere but, like this month, our profile is about another person we met […]

From Piano to Politics to Piano! Hunter Lang – A Rare Talent

By Bob Tagert From Piano to Politics to Piano! Hunter Lang – A Rare Talent This month’s profile is a real treat. Last week we ventured into Georgetown to see Hunter Lang perform at the Georgetown Piano Bar on M Street. This brought back a lot of memories as friends and I would ride our […]

Christopher Ulllman: Whistling his Own Tune!

By Bob Tagert Christopher Ullman: Whistling his Own Tune! After 30 years, I am still amazed at all of the incredible individuals we have met writing this Personality Profile column and this month is no exception. Chris Ullman is a Managing Director and the Director of Global Communications for the Carlyle Group, an asset management […]

Jamey Turner: An Orchestra in a Suitcase

By Bob Tagert Jamey Turner An Orchestra in a Suitcase    If you are ever walking along King Street and Union Street you might hear beautiful music in the air. If you follow this unique sound it will bring you to Jamey Turner as he plays his “Glass Harp” in front of Vola’s High Tide […]

Dawn Richardson…A True Beach Babe

By Bob Tagert   Dawn Richardson…A True Beach Babe   One of the great things about owning this publication for thirty years is the chance to meet and write about the fascinating people who live in this region. Such is this month’s personality profile…Dawn Richardson. Dawn was born and raised in North Beach and currently […]

Howell Crim – Wooden Boat Builder, Mechanic & Captain

By Bob Tagert   Howell Crim – Wooden Boat Builder, Mechanic & Captain          Just like our Business Profile, this month’s Personality Profile is another local guy. Howell Crim grew up in the Hollin Hall area of Alexandria and attended Fort Hunt High School down the GW Parkway. Crim developed his taste for boats […]

Kenneth Widhalm: Pilot & Prospector

By Bob Tagert Kenneth Widhalm Pilot & Prospector      During the NFL playoff games this past month, I was at one of my favorite watering holes, Stoney’s Kingfisher on Solomons Island, Maryland. Watching the action was a gentleman in a Denver Bronco jacket. My business partner here at the Crier is an avid Broncos […]