Dad aka John Edward Welch

By Lori Welch Brown Dad aka John Edward Welch Last year I had the privilege of profiling several great dads for the June issue.  This year I hit the jackpot—I was able to interview my own father, John Welch.  Up until April, he had been residing in Pensacola, FL.  Unfortunately, he took a fall in […]

Laz & Szilvia Bazals – From Hungary to Fort Hunt

By Lori Welch Brown Laz & Szilvia Bazals – From Hungary to Fort Hunt Typically this column is about the personality of a single person, but it’s hard to choose between the personalities of Laz or Szilvia when you have the unique and special personality of the spa they own and operate itself to consider.  […]

Nina Tisara – Still a Force to Reckon With!

By Bob Tagert Nina Tisara – Still a Force to Reckon With! There have been many individuals that have had a profound effect on the City of Alexandria over the years and this month’s profile is one of kindest persons I have ever known to unite a growing city – Nina Tisara. In the early […]

Billy Reilly, The Fastest Bartender…Winning (and Working) at Life

By Lori Welch Brown Billy Reilly, The Fastest Bartender…Winning (and Working) at Life I thought I had a strong work ethic, but this month’s Personality Profile, Billy Reilly, is making me rethink my game.  After an hour phone call, I felt like I had been bowled over by the world’s fastest bartender (which by the […]

Sailor turned Beer Man

Casey Jones Sailor turned Beer Man One of the great things about the Old Town Crier over the past 31 years is the fascinating people we meet and then get to write about. Casey Jones is no exception. We ran into Casey sitting at the bar at Cedar Knoll Restaurant. We struck up an easy […]

Howard Rogers – Maritime Artist and Renaissance Man

By Bob Tagert Howard Rogers – Maritime Artist and Renaissance Man Twenty-one years ago, the bridge over Spa Creek that connects Annapolis to Eastport, Maryland was closed for needed repairs. The bridge is the main connection between Annapolis and Eastport and having it closed insured that an economic loss was certain. A group of sailors […]

Wendy Rieger – One of a Kind

By Lani Gering Wendy Rieger – One of a Kind From the Bay to the Blue Ridge Most of you who live in the local area will recognize this name as one of NBC Channel 4’s most popular news anchors. In fact, she celebrates 30 years with the affiliate this year – hard to believe […]

Captain Martina Jones

By Lani Gering Captain Martina Jones From Fair Winds to Following Seas Over the years we have been very fortunate to be in the “right” place at the “right” time. Thanks to a chance meeting with our pal Shaun Sheehan on Union Street in Old Town Alexandria a couple of weeks ago and the offer […]

The Origin of Uncle Sam

The Origin of Uncle Sam By Kathy Weiser Uncle Sam Wants You! Although Uncle Sam (initials U.S.) is the most popular personification of the United States, many Americans have little or no concept of his origins. If pressed, the average American might point to the early 20th century and Sam’s frequent appearance on army recruitment […]

Celebrating our  “Four Fathers” – A Look Inside Local Dads

By Lori Welch Brown Celebrating our  “Four Fathers” – A Look Inside Local Dads Through the ages, we’ve extolled the virtues of many famous fathers. We were taught about our founding fathers in history, recently celebrated the birth of the father of our nation, dance to the beat of the father of rock & roll, […]