Tap Those ASSets: Emerging from ‘Prison’ to Becoming an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Savings Passionista

L. Tia Blount is a force to be reckoned with. I met Tia a few weeks ago after I had been eavesdropping on the conversation she was having sitting next to me and she immediately had me in awe. In the course of the 26 years that I have been associated with the Old Town […]

Patricia Palermino: American Folk Artist

Patricia Palermino American Folk Artist We have known Pat Palermino for many years here in Alexandria and began using her artwork on the cover of the Old Town Crier in the mid 1990’s. Her art work has been associated with Alexandria and Old Town for well over 25 years. Palermino is self-taught and began painting […]

Scott Shaw-A Man on the Go!

By Bob Tagert Scott Shaw – A Man On the Go! You may have seen him walking around Old Town going from his office in Founders Hall to one of his restaurants, or attending a media briefing along the waterfront regarding the new Tall Ship Providence. He is not flamboyant, but is always on the […]

Rick “Cardo” Casey aka “Spring Break”

By Bob Tagert Rick “Cardo” Casey aka “Spring Break” Many of you may remember our friend Rick Casey from his days of writing “My Favorite Places” in the Old Town Crier. Rick had established himself within the hospitality business with his company Capitol Representation, and we shared office space at 112 South Patrick for many […]

Tom Wilson, Master Shepherd

By Michael McLeod TOM WILSON, MASTER SHEPHERD Tom Wilson raises Katahdin sheep near Gordonsville, Virginia. Home is an antebellum plantation house built in 1857 surrounded by 1200-acres of lush pastures, ponds, barns, and kennels. Wilson is a third-generation shepherd who was born to an already large family on the Scottish border with England. Known as […]

Philip J. Katauskas – A man of Many Words

By Bob Tagert Philip J. Katauskas – A man of Many Words One of the fun things about our Personality Profile is that you just never know how interesting folks are until you talk them. We met Philip “Phil” Katauskas at River Bend Bistro over the past half year or so and through conversation found […]

Dad aka John Edward Welch

By Lori Welch Brown Dad aka John Edward Welch Last year I had the privilege of profiling several great dads for the June issue.  This year I hit the jackpot—I was able to interview my own father, John Welch.  Up until April, he had been residing in Pensacola, FL.  Unfortunately, he took a fall in […]

Laz & Szilvia Bazals – From Hungary to Fort Hunt

By Lori Welch Brown Laz & Szilvia Bazals – From Hungary to Fort Hunt Typically this column is about the personality of a single person, but it’s hard to choose between the personalities of Laz or Szilvia when you have the unique and special personality of the spa they own and operate itself to consider.  […]

Nina Tisara – Still a Force to Reckon With!

By Bob Tagert Nina Tisara – Still a Force to Reckon With! There have been many individuals that have had a profound effect on the City of Alexandria over the years and this month’s profile is one of kindest persons I have ever known to unite a growing city – Nina Tisara. In the early […]

Billy Reilly, The Fastest Bartender…Winning (and Working) at Life

By Lori Welch Brown Billy Reilly, The Fastest Bartender…Winning (and Working) at Life I thought I had a strong work ethic, but this month’s Personality Profile, Billy Reilly, is making me rethink my game.  After an hour phone call, I felt like I had been bowled over by the world’s fastest bartender (which by the […]