Publisher’s Notes

Publishers Notes July 2019 The dog days of summer are just around the corner but some serious heat is upon us now. Temps have begun to rise into the 90’s but luckily the rains have, for the most part, stayed away or just rained on Friday, leaving a nice weekend. Check out our Road Trip […]

Publisher’s Notes January 2019

By Bob Tagert As we begin our 32nd year of bring you the Old Town Crier Regional Magazine we have many things to be thankful for over the years. Most significantly our advertisers and the great people who have worked with us, for without either, we would have failed. We also owe a great amount […]

This Month’s Publishers Notes

By Bob Tagert Another year draws to a close. It doesn’t seem possible that we have been publishing this magazine for almost 31 years…seems like just yesterday we were pulling the first issue together in Dave Underwood’s dining room. Time flies when you’re having fun! This issue is packed with lots of good stuff. As […]

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert As I write this we are bracing for the last rain storm of September. I am sure that we are all tired of the rain, but none more so than our Virginia winery friends. As they are getting ready to celebrate Virginia Wine Month, the wineries are hopeful that October will bring […]

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert The days are getting shorter and less humid. It is a good time to take a road trip. This month we returned to one of our favorite places from years ago…Galesville and Deale Maryland and our favorite waterfront dining spots. The places we used to visit are a little more modern but […]

Publisher’s Notes August 2018

Publisher’s Notes August 2018 It is August and the Dog Days of Summer! Check out this issue for an explanation. As the GOP looks for ways to gut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, we celebrate our Seniors this month in our special feature. Look into the future in our feature article and read about some […]

Publisher’s Notes July 2018

Publisher’s Notes July 2018 As I write this it is two days after the summer solstice and each day the sun travels more to the south and the days get shorter. It also means the beginning of summer. Miriam Kramer recommends two books for summer reading in the Last Word. Lani Gering brings us the […]

Publisher’s Notes June 2018

It looks like spring has finally decided to stay. Starting off the week with three days of rain was a little much but it did rid us of some of the pollen that has plagued many of you. I do, however, hope that the 80’s will hang around for a few months before the high […]

From the Publisher

By Bob Tagert As I write these notes on April 25th, it is 56 degrees and has been raining and overcast for three days. It seems like spring will never get here and stay. It brought a full frontal assault a week or so ago but was beaten back by winter the next day. Read […]

Publisher’s Notes March 2018

By Bob Tagert As I write this at the end of February the temperature today is 52 and a little overcast. The rest of the week will be in the low 50’s. We have even had a few days that hit 70 degrees. These temps made me think of the work I need to do […]