At What Price Love?

By Julie Reardon At What Price Love? I have the dubious distinction of owning the largest bill in the history of the Life Center, a Leesburg emergency and critical care veterinary center. In just 30 days, costs of surgeries and care to repair the injuries of a young dog that was hit by a car […]

SHOTGUN WEDDING IN RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTY: English driven shooting meets Old Virginia

SHOTGUN WEDDING IN RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTY: English driven shooting meets Old Virginia by Julie Reardon No, we won’t be regaling you with the unions fathers suggested to boyfriends of their pregnant young daughters. This marriage is the perfect combination of shooting and country sport at a new venue in rural Rappahannock County, about 90 minutes southwest […]

Fall chores you can skip and those to do for a nice yard and garden next spring!

By Julie Reardon   Notes from a Lazy Farmer: Fall chores you can skip and those to do for a nice yard and garden next spring! Some people are out dividing unruly iris and daffodil patches and planting new bulbs right after Labor Day. Not me, it’s generally too hot for that and I’ve never […]

The Fruits of Summer

By Julie Reardon   The Fruits of Summer   Starting with strawberries in May, the gardens in the Blue Ridge offer up tasty treats all summer long, but the bounty of the harvest is most abundant in late summer, where there is almost an embarrassment of riches in the form of local fruits and vegetables, […]

Apple Pie and Fourth of July

APPLE PIE AND FOURTH OF JULY By Julie Reardon   There’s nothing quite like the July 4th fireworks on the Mall in Washington D.C. But braving the crowds once every few years (or every few decades) is plenty for some, who might wish for smaller crowds and a more small town atmosphere. You don’t have […]

POLO TIME: Games to watch, places to play

POLO TIME: Games to watch, places to play  by Julie Reardon Not long ago, polo was virtually non-existent in Northern Virginia, even in the horse country in Loudoun, Fauquier and surrounding counties. There were a few small clubs and private fields, but no place where the average person could go and watch a game and […]

Marshall is Getting Middleburg’d

MARSHALL IS GETTING MIDDLEBURG’D by Julie Reardon Although its location in Northern Fauquier County is blessed by the same beautiful scenery and bordered by similarly beautiful estates and Blue Ridge views, the unpretentious little town of Marshall existed for years in the shadow of the flashier and better known hamlets of Middleburg and The Plains, […]

Spring Point to Point Preview

By Julie Reardon SPRING POINT TO POINT PREVIEW Technically spring’s not here yet, but an unusually warm February had many of us itching to get outside and enjoy all the area has to offer. And as reliably as blooming forsythia and daffodils, March brings the opening of Virginia’s legendary hunt race meets. Yes, we could […]

The Beauty of Winter

By Julie Reardon   THE BEAUTY OF WINTER   All the things I love about winter would be a pretty short list. It’s my least favorite season even though as winters go, Virginia’s aren’t too bad and this one has been relatively mild thus far. The form of depression resulting from not enough daylight, called […]

Resolutions & Participation Trophies

By Julie Reardon Resolutions & Participation Trophies Every year, the Publisher asks us for our New Year’s resolutions. Since I don’t normally make them, I thought it might be fun to make just one for 2017. So this year, I think I’ll find someone or something to blame for every bad thing that happens in […]